Intersection Theory

Intersection Theory

Prof. Dr. Timo Richarz

Time and Place

Fridays, 11:40-13:20

Starting: Friday, 20.10.2023

Ending: Friday, 09.02.2024

Room S215 401 and Zoom (ID: 636 1387 5385, PW: smallest six digit number divisible by three)

Exercise Session: Tuesdays, 9:50-11:30, same room and Zoom

Contents: The lecture deals with the intersection theory of cycles on algebraic varieties with the aim to prove the theorem of Grothendieck-Riemann-Roch. Prerequisite is the Algebraic Geometry 1 lecture from last term. Parallel attendance of Algebraic Geometry 2 is highly recommended. Some key words include: Cycles, rational equivalence, Chow groups, proper push forward and flat pullback, vector bundles, normal cone, Grothendieck K groups, Grothendieck-Riemann-Roch, Examples.

Literature: Fulton’s book on Intersection Theory

Exercise Sheets: Sheet 1 (opens in new tab) , Sheet 2 (opens in new tab) , Sheet 3 (opens in new tab) , Sheet 4 (opens in new tab) , Sheet 5 (opens in new tab) , Sheet 6 (opens in new tab) , Sheet 7 (opens in new tab)

Exam: The exam will most likely be oral. Further information will be given during the semester.