Welcome to the homepage of the research Algebra group. We work in the fields of arithmetic algebraic geometry, automorphic forms, number theory and vertex algebras.

The following picture shows a huge part of the algebra group back in October 2018. 13 of the 19 pictured persons are still members of the group. For further details see members of the algebra group.

Back row (from left to right): David Klein, Jan H. Bruinier, Paul Kiefer, Patrick Holzer, Torsten Wedhorn, Karl H. Hofmann, Brandon Williams, Nils Scheithauer, Jens Hesse, Moritz Dittmann, Johannes J. Buck, Timo Henkel. Front row (from left to right): Jennifer Kupka, Priyanka Majumder, Jolanta Marzec, Anja Spangenberg, Thomas Spittler, Yingkun Li, Maximilian Rössler.

Spokesman of the group

The spokesman of the group in the winter term 2021/22 is Prof. Jan Hendrik Bruinier.