We are looking for student tutors!

The job that fits perfectly!

The Department of Mathematics is always looking for committed students who would like to act as tutors for mathematics exercises.

Business Administration/Industrial Engineering – Mechanical Engineering

The work as a tutor offers a lot of advantages. First of all, there are the obvious reasons that you earn money, work something meaningful and of course improve your own CV. But there are also advantages that I was not aware of when I started working as a tutor: Working as a mathematics tutor is a lot of fun, you learn a lot more in mathematics and you can use that in your own studies!

Picture: Swantje Mahncke

Since mathematics exercises in engineering and humanities differ in some parts from “pure” mathematics exercises, we are looking for committed students from the corresponding departments for the service events. The minimum requirement is that you have passed the course you wish to support. The tutor job can be started in the third semester at the earliest.

Before starting the job for the first time and during the entire first semester you will be supported by our qualified team . Under certain circumstances, courses already attended, e.g. in computer science or physics, can be recognized. In this case, please contact the .

During the first semester of your employment you will receive an hourly wage of 10 €. From the second semester onwards, we pay 11.75 €. In addition you can get 3CP for your physics and etit study course.

Please apply via our application portal . You can find detailed information on the pages of the tutorial teaching and on the main pages of the department.