Why should I work as a tutor?

There are a variety of contract models with different workloads that you can choose from. We also offer a variety of content, from exercises in computer science to mechanical engineering and chemistry. You can find an overview of the various tutorials for which positions are currently available on our application portal .Further questions about working as an exercise instructor are also answered there.

I like being a tutor because I enjoy showing other students the world of mathematics. Experiencing success in understanding or passing a dreaded exam together is a great feeling.

Tutor in Math


In order to be able to provide intensive technical assistance, it is necessary that you can document the level of the course to be supervised by passing exams and that you are at least in your 3rd semester. Since as a tutor you will promote the discussion and work process of the small groups and therefore communicate a lot mathematically, you should also enjoy mathematical solution-oriented conversations and like to inspire others for mathematics.

Above all, it is important to want to convey something. You don't have to be able to do everything directly. I have the feeling that I can best explain to students topics that I myself have had to struggle with for some time, because I know what they might not understand about them.

tutor in economics

Teaching students

Particularly for students studying to become teachers for grammar schools (LaG), working as an exercise instructor:in has advantages. On the one hand, you can have the work as well as the training recognized as a deepening in the context of the practical phase II of the MINTplus study program. On the other hand, you gain experience in teaching-learning contexts and in leading groups. Through the weekly home exercises, the activity also promotes the routine correction and evaluation of tasks, which is a particular advantage for the preparation for the teaching position.

As an Exercise Instructor:in, you can choose from a variety of courses. In addition to the courses in the LaG program, you can especially use your skills in the service courses, since there you have the opportunity to deal with elementary and application-related tasks.

I can help others and deepen my own mathematical knowledge at the same time. The job has definitely supported me in my further development, both in terms of content and as a person.