Welcome to the pages of the tutorial teaching of the Department of Mathematics, an integral part of the supervision and teaching concept at the Department of Mathematics since 1988.

To reinforce the lecture content, the department offers more than 350 accompanying exercises each year, both for mathematics majors and for a variety of other majors, such as mechanical engineering or electrical engineering. A special feature is that the exercises are offered throughout the entire course of study, not just in the introductory phase, as an important learning support.

Support independent learning

In the exercises, students work on task sheets alone or in groups. Experienced students, the exercise instructors, are available to them as contact persons at all times. They promote the discussion and work process of the small groups and thus independent learning, instead of presenting ready-made solutions. The students also have the opportunity to talk openly about problems and uncertainties in learning math on a peer level, since the exercise instructors have been in the situation themselves and can understand the challenges and solution processes.

Students receive additional support through homework exercises that are corrected by their exercise instructor, as well as office hours where they receive individual help on exercises and course material. The goal of the exercises is that students not only repeat the course material, but also promote their mathematical thinking and discussion as well as practice mathematical solution methods.

This extensive promotion of independent learning at the peer level, even beyond the introductory study phase, is also a special feature nationwide.