Training for new tutors

In order to optimally prepare the tutors for their work, they receive a qualification from the department, which is paid for as part of the activity and can be brought into the study program for 3CP in math, physics and Etit. This consists of the following elements:

The training takes place before the start of semester and is mandatory for all new tutors. There, they practice how to act in difficult situations during exercises with the help of simulations. Particularly relevant is the principle of minimal help, which is based on the conviction that you learn best when you achieve results yourself. Another important topic is the appropriate and fair correction of homework exercises.

During the semester, all new tutors are (video) observed and then receive a feedback session. In addition, written reflections are conducted. The change of perspective gives them the opportunity to further develop their teaching style during the practical assignment.

Qualification excellent

The qualification was awarded by the Netzwerk Tutorienarbeit according to nationwide standards and has carried the seal of approval “Accredited Qualification Program” since 2020

Mehr erfahren

Information about the training

You register on Moodle. In the navigation on the left of your Moodle homepage, choose “Show all Courses (Course Catalogue)” and then the semester in which you would like to tutor a support group. (N.B. Future semesters can be found at the end of the list!)

Under “FB04 Mathematik” you will find the heading “Training for support group leaders in mathematics” in the respective semester. You can then register as a participant.

Under this heading you must then register once more for one of the sessions offered

Please only register for the training session once you have received confirmation from those responsible for the lecture with which your support group is associated.

The training is designed to give you an overview of your upcoming tasks and prepare you for the challenges you may face. To this end, we simulate various situations that you may encounter in practice. The training is led by experienced exercise leaders* who report from their own practice.

In total you will receive 23 hours for the qualification as a tutor.

Information session: 2h

Training: 18h

1st reflection: 30 min

2nd reflection: 30 min

Hospitation: 2h

The activity as a tutor is recognized in all courses as an assignment for practical phase II.

To deepen your knowledge, you will attend the training course for exercise instructors before starting your work.

At the end of the semester, you will receive a confirmation that shows that you have attended the training as well as the activity and that you must take with you to your final module examination.

Before the start of your training, you will receive information from your assistants as well as from the training team. In addition, the accompanying Moodle course will be opened early.

If you have any other questions, please contact .