The Department of Mathematics is always looking for tutors for the mathematics lectures. Here you can find all important information about working as a tutor.

Further information can be found on the pages of Tutoriellen Lehre

Please apply here Formular zur Onlinebewerbung

For the summer semester, the recruitment period starts around mid-January, for the winter semester around mid-July. Detailed information about the job and the application process can be found below.

The recruitment period for WiSe 24/25 has started! In the winter semester there are the following courses for which assistants are needed:
  • Events that are urgently looking for instructors are listed in bold.
  • Events that are not expected to have any more vacancies are listed in italics.
Im Grundstudium
  • Analysis 1
  • Analysis (engl.)
  • Lineare Algebra 1
  • Gewöhnliche Differentialgleichungen
  • Complex Analysis
  • Einf. i.d. numerische Mathematik
  • Einf. i.d. Programmierung 1
Im Service für andere Fachbereiche
  • Mathe 1 für BI
  • Mathe 1 für MB
  • Mathe 1 für ET
  • Mathe 1 für Inf
  • Mathe 3 für BI
  • Mathe 3 für MB
  • Mathe 3 für ET
  • Höhere Mathematik 1
  • Lineare Algebra 1 für Physik und Lehramt
  • Automaten, formale Sprachen und Entscheidbarkeit
  • Statistik für WI/CogSci
  • Mathe und Statistik für Biologie
  • Statistik in den Humanwissenschaften
  • Mathe für Chemie
Im Wahlpflicht-, Ergänzungs- und Vertiefungsbereich
  • Algebra
  • Funktionalanalysis
  • Differentialgeometrie
  • Introduction to Mathematical Logic
  • Numerik gewöhnlicher Differentialgleichungen
  • Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie
  • Einf. i.d. Optimierung
  • Parabolic PDE
  • PDE I
  • Internetseminar
  • Selected Topics in Algebra
  • Selected Topics in Numerical Analysis
  • Mathematische Modellierung fluider Grenzflächen II
  • Ausgewählte Themen der Logik: Kombinatorik
  • Ausgewählte Themen der Logik: Proof Mining
  • Ausgewählte Themen der Logik: Algorithmic Metatheorems
  • Optimization in Transport and Traffic
  • Numerics for PDEs
  • Nichtlineare Optimierung
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Schulung für neue Übungsleiter:innen
  • Mathe als gem. Sprache d. Naturwissenschaften
  • Geometrie f. Lehramt
  • Grundlagen des Lehrens und Lernens

Information about the job

Usually the central task is to conduct a 90-minute exercise once a week during the lecture period. Here, you teach (usually younger) students the current material, answer their questions and help with the upcoming exercises. In order to be prepared for this, each tutor takes part in a weekly preliminary meeting. There, for example, the new exercise sheet is presented and the learning objectives are explained. In addition, a weekly office hour must be held, in which content-related questions can be asked by the participants. Last but not least, you have to correct the given homework and give Feedback. In English courses, the exercises are of course also held in English.

The job as tutor offers a paid part-time job that fits ideally with your studies:

  • you promote your own understanding of mathematics by repeating material while explaining it
  • you work flexibly and subject-related in a part-time job that can be easily integrated into your daily study routine
  • you help students, get positive feedback and improve your communication skills
  • you network within the department and get to know the structures
  • In addition to your salary, you will receive 3 credits in various courses of study, for example in mathematics, physics and Etit, as well as in the compulsory module “Praxisphase II – Außerschulische Schulpraktische Studien” in the teacher training program (PO 2017)
  • you get a training as part of the working time

The amount of work depends on the type of course and how many exercise groups you supervise. In most cases, a distinction is made as to whether the exercise takes place weekly or bi-weekly and whether the students can gain admission and/or a bonus for the exam by handing in homework. In principle, the hours are not distributed equally over all months of the semester, as this is not possible otherwise for legal reasons (esp. § 2 Minimum Wage Act). The total number of hours is approximately as follows:

1. for courses with exam admission and/or bonus system:

a) weekly rhythm of exercises: 134 hours

b) 2-weekly rhythm of exercises: 68 hours

2. for courses without bonus system and exam admission:

a) weekly rhythm of exercises: 116 hours

b) 2-weekly rhythm of exercises: 58 hours

The rates increase when taking over two exercise groups, but do not double, because not all activities double (e.g. preliminary discussion with the organizers). The same applies if one also takes over the correction of home exercises from the assistant exercise.

You will be paid € 12,00 EUR per hour. However, if you have already been a tutorial group leader for a mathematics lecture in previous semesters, you will receive € 13,50 per hour. This also applies for tutors from certain other departments. Starting in 2022 your salary will gradually increase.

You should:

  • enjoy mathematics & like to inspire others for mathematics
  • be at least in the 3rd semester (you can apply before)
  • Be able to document mathematics knowledge of at least the level of the course to be supervised by passing exams




Meeting with your WiMi: 1h

CORRECTION TIME: Depending on exercise model and SW: 1.5-5h, approx. 30% of working time



Application and hiring process

You can apply in two ways:

- if you have a specific event in mind, you can directly contact the corresponding assistants for a possible position

- You can use the central application portal, where you can apply for different courses. Please indicate the full title of the course. You can find this in the overview "Which course can you apply for

There are no real deadlines, but jobs are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Provided that you are suitably qualified, the earlier you apply, the likelier it is that you will get the job of your choice. As a rule, the last couple of weeks of the previous lecture period are a good time for applying.

I trust you will understand that I cannot write confirmations for all the 200-odd applications I receive each semester. You can rest assured that your application will have arrived provided that you do not receive a “Mailer-Daemon” notification claiming your mail could not be delivered.

Having successfully submitted the form for your online application, the relevant confirmation will appear. If it does not appear, at least one of the fields has not been completed, or not in accordance with the format required. Please note that your application can only be considered once it has been completed.

As data protection considerations will not allow us to store your application package after the end of the semester, you will have to re-apply for each new semester and include all the (updated ) documents accompanying your application. Please only submit copies of your applications as they will not be returned to you after processing.

As soon as you have received confirmation from those responsible for the lectures, you will need to provide the following:

  • a questionnaire on the job (for each lecture). You will find this in the download area on the website (please use double-sided printing)
  • an enrolment certificate for the Summer Semester 2018
  • the questionnaire on social security (two copies printed on both sides please)
  • a residence title, if applicable, if you do not hold German nationality

In the case of first-time employment or changes you will also need:

  • your personal information sheet
  • an ELStAM self-disclosure sheet (two copies please)
  • a certificate from your health insurance provider
  • a C.V.

If you are given a contract starting on 01.03., you will also require an enrolment certificate for the Winter Semester 2017/18.

All these documents should be placed in one envelope and sent to Personnel Management. You will find the letter box in K209.

Assistants who are employed for the first time as support group leaders in the department must attend a two-day training session for support group leaders before the semester begins. You can register for the training session on Moodle

Further Information

If you have not found what you are looking for on these pages, please take a look at FAQ , especially the sections “for all employees” and “for student assistants”.