Free-time activities

Not only maths

The study does not only consist of studying and working. It is the free-time opportunities that really round off student life. The Department of Mathematics and the TU Darmstadt offer you many different ways to spend your free time. From the math choir, the student council and university groups to university sports – everyone can pursue their passion here!

Get active in the Student Council

Actually, the student council is the entirety of all students in the department. In practice, however, the Student Council of Mathematics usually refers to a group of mathematics students who are actively involved in student affairs at the Department of Mathematics.

More detailed and up-to-date information on the activities of the Fachschaft and the possibilities for getting involved in the Fachschaft can be found on the homepage of the Student Council.

Singing, dancing and playing

Especially popular are some activities offered by the student council or individual students of the department. Even though some of these activities are mainly attended by mathematics students, all others are always welcome.

  • Maths Choir: The Maths Choir is, as the name suggests, a choir that consists largely (but not exclusively) of students from the Department of Mathematics. During the lecture period, mostly a-cappella-sentences of songs of different genres (mostly pop) are rehearsed here in a fun atmosphere. Information about the Mathechor can be found at
  • Ball der Mathematik (Matheball): Matheball is a dance event that has been held in the Otto-Berndt-Halle every summer since 1991. It usually dances standard and Latin to live music. Between the dances the programme is lightened up by different performances. Impressions of the last balls and all information about the next ball can be found on
  • Game evenings: Games evenings take place in the Mathebau at halfway regular intervals. Besides game-friendly snacks, there is also a considerable collection of card and board games. For up-to-date information, simply visit the student council's website.
  • Theatre: The theatre is known for the infamous OWO Theatre, which especially first-year students at the Department of Mathematics enjoy every year. In addition, students also perform a play at the Christmas party every year. Everything is done by the students themselves, from script to direction to props. If you would like to be a part of the theatre, you can find out more about it on the student council's website.
  • Maths Music Evening (MMA): The MMA offers everyone involved in music the opportunity to perform once a semester and present their works to an audience. Anyone interested can join in and sweeten the evening with good music. The audience was always enthusiastic about the always very varied programme. When the next MMA will take place and how you can participate, you can find on the page of the student council.

Become a Mentor

Students from the 3rd semester onwards can work as student assistants in the mentoring programme of the department. The activity is paid.

The mentoring programme is directly linked to the OWO and accompanies the students through their first year of study.

If you are interested in working as a mentor, please contact the .

Become a Buddy

The department is always looking for motivated students who want to volunteer as a buddy for international students in exchange programs and in the M.Sc. Mathematics.

If you enjoy dealing with people and want to make friends all over the world, working as a buddy is the right thing for you.

Check out the Information for Buddies page for more details!

Be part of a university group

The student university groups and initiatives of the TU offer a wide range of different opportunities for all interested parties.

In addition to the student councils, you can also become involved in the student body through the political university groups. And even for those less politically aware there are many opportunities to look beyond their own nose while studying. Whether it is building airplanes or working in a student consultancy, there is something for everyone and if you still lack something, you can simply found a new university group.

A complete list of all university groups at the TU Darmstadt can be found on the central pages of the TU Darmstadt.

University sport

The TU Darmstadt offers a wide range of sports and exercise, from A for acrobatics to Z for Zumba, everything is included. Many of these activities are organized by the Unisportzentrum (USZ). So take a look at the pages of the USZ if you want to find out more about the sports offered at the TU.