Deadlines, dates and rooms

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On this page you will find all deadlines and dates concerning examinations. Furthermore we provide the room planning for the exam phase on this page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Date Winter Semester Date Summer Semester Occasion
15 January - Application deadline for the English-instructed Master of Science, Mathematics for non-German applicants
31 August 15 March Application deadline for enrolment of new students with German nationality for Bachelor's, Master's and Teaching Programmes
1 September 1 March Activation of electronic course catalogue
15 September 15 March Deadline for internal Master's candidates
Mid-October Mid-April Filing of final credits (esp. B.Sc. thesis) for guaranteed internal transfer to Master's programme
1 October to 15 November 1 April to 31 MAy Deadline for submitting examination plans
30 November Deadline for study abroad
Mid-November to Mid-Dezember 1 to 30 June Examination registration period
Mid-November to end of March 1 June to end of September Agreement on oral examination dates
Semester break Semester break Examinations (opens in new tab) (as of 18.7.2024)

For every examination, candidates will be assigned to a certain room according to their study programme and the first letter of their surnames or their matriculation number. Candidates may be in different rooms.

Please note that if you wish to review your examination later, you should contact the respective examiner directly. The Office for Student Affairs is unable to provide any information on this matter.

If you are registered for an examination, you can also always find your own examination room and date on TUCaN.

Examination dates (opens in new tab) for the summer semester 2024 as of June 18, 2024.

Please see this document for the examination rooms (opens in new tab) for summer semester 2024 as of July 22, 2024.



If you have any questions about examination planning, please contact Prof. Dr Steffen Roch.

Examination registration

You register for examinations via TUCaN. Please don’t miss the registration deadlines! If you have any questions or problems, please turn to the Office for Student Affairs .

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