Examination plans, requests for certificates and activation of modules

Examination plan as a help to plan your studies

The Department of Mathematics uses examination plans to support you in choosing and, in particular, combining modules. They are used for your study planning. If you have any problems or questions, you are welcome to contact the Office for Student Affairs or the study coordinator. We will be happy to inform and advise you.

The approval requirement for examination plans for module activation has been lifted.

This means you are even more responsible for your study planning. The study regulations continue to apply and you can only successfully complete your studies if you take the modules in accordance with your examination regulations.

It is still possible to submit voluntary examination schedules.


Examination plans must still be submitted if

  • you have been abroad and would like to have achievements recognised,
  • you are enrolled in the Master of Education programme,
  • you are a Master's student and have obtained your Bachelor's degree at another university.

In the request for certificate at the end of your Bachelor's programme, you declare which of the modules you have taken should be included in your degree. Accordingly, the areas

  • Compulsory elective area
  • Interdisciplinary elective area
  • General Studies and
  • Minor subject

must be completed in full.

Along with the Bachelor's certificate application, you are already providing important information for your further Master's degree programme. You do not have to submit a complete Master's examination plan. The following information must be provided:

  • Field of study
  • Minor subject
  • Non-mathematical specialisation subject, if applicable
  • If applicable, additional courses area (in the case of early Master's achievements)

We need this information in order to check requirements in the case of a possible change of study field or minor subject and, if applicable, to correctly record Master's achievements that have already been completed.

The application for a certificate should be sent with the application for the Master's programme, i.e. by 15.03. or 15.09. at the latest to the Office for Student Affairs, so that a smooth transition to the Master's programme is guaranteed.

If you have taken examinations in your Bachelor's degree that you do not wish to include in your Master's degree, these are automatically voluntary additional achievements in your Bachelor's degree and can no longer be included in the Master's degree.

Modules for the additional courses area in the Master's degree must be registered via the elective mathematics area. Only when you apply for your certificate do you decide whether you want to include the module in your Bachelor's or Master's degree or whether it should be booked as an additional achievement.

Modules for the minor subject cannot be exchanged later, or if they were taken in the Bachelor's degree, they cannot be moved to the Master's degree. They remain part of the area in which they were registered.

If you have completed your Bachelor's degree at another higher education institution or in another subject, you must submit a complete first examination plan together with a transcript of records of your Bachelor's degree at the beginning of your Master's degree programme (in the case of specialisations/minor subjects still to be approved, if this is already possible according to the approval status).

At the end of your studies, you must submit a transcript application. If you need a certificate of completion of studies before the certificate is issued, for example, in order to start working as a research assistant, the request for a certificate must reach us six weeks before the start of the job. Two weeks before the start of the job, the last achievement should be reported to the Office for Student Affairs (e.g. 4.0 certificate of a passed Master's thesis). Please keep us informed of when you expect to complete your last achievement (examination or thesis) so that we can react quickly accordingly. The certificate itself requires up to four weeks after we have received the result of the last examination (usually the expert opinion on the Master's thesis).

In principle, it is no longer necessary to request module activation (older examination regulations may be an exception here.).

A good time to request module activation or to submit a voluntary examination plan is:

  • Bachelor's degree:
    • Compulsory elective courses: end of the fourth semester.
    • Early Master's achievements: when the end of the Bachelor's programme is foreseeable
  • Master's degree: At the beginning of the programme

Please fill out the appropriate form for your degree programme and study regulations:

Bachelor – study regulations 2011 und 2007

Master – study regulations 2011 und 2007

Bachelor – study regulations 2018

Master – study regulations 2018

You must submit your planning for the non-mathematical specialisation. If you are doing a specialisation in a subject other than Computer Science, Physics or Economics, you must have the planning signed by the other department. If you are planning to write your Master's thesis in another department, we recommend that you clarify the possibilities beforehand with the lecturers you are considering as supervisors.