In response to the growing need to make new research results available for mathematicians quickly and easily, the Department of Mathematics founded its preprint series in 1972. Since then, over 2,700 publications have appeared in this series. Initially, the papers appeared only in printed form. After 1995 new publications increasingly appeared also in a parallel electronic version accessible via the department's website. In addition to original publications, the series also contains proceedings on workshops and conferences, seminar reports and other material put up for discussion. The vast majority of preprints were later published in renowned scientific journals.

Up to around the year 2000, almost all of the papers written in the Department of Mathematics were published in advance in this preprint series. The collection of papers in this series therefore gives an almost complete overview of the scientific research in the department up to this point in time. It was only with the emergence of other ways of rapidly disseminating scientific results that the proportion of research results obtained by members of the department that were published in this series decreased.

The last preprint has been accepted in 2018, when the series has been discontinued.

The preprints are listed on the following pages in blocks according to years and can be downloaded whenever an electronic form is available. Additionally there is a table of all authors listing their corresponding preprint numbers.

If you are interested in a preprint that is not available online, please contact the .