Ruth Moufang Award

The Department of Mathematics at TU Darmstadt awards two prizes named after Ruth Moufang (1905-1977).

Prize winners of the year 2023

Doctoral Award:

Dr. Nora Philippi

Postdoctoral Female Advancement Award:

Dr. Sofia Brenner

Dr. Irene Heinrich

The Ruth Moufang Doctoral Prize can be awarded once a year to a woman who has been awarded a doctorate with a very good result in the Department of Mathematics at the TU Darmstadt. The doctoral prize is awarded by the Dean at the beginning of each year. A certificate for the doctoral prize is to be handed over at the graduation ceremony of the department.

The Ruth Moufang Postdoctoral Female Promotional Prize can be awarded each year to a maximum of two outstanding female postdoctoral students working at FB Mathematik at TU Darmstadt. At the turn of the year, female postdocs can apply for the award with an independent research concept to the dean for the award. In addition to the idealistic award,

  • the sponsorship award includes the commitment of the department to employ the prizewinner for one year on a full-time staff position
  • the release of the prizewinner from teaching for one semester, which is to be used to prepare an application for third-party funding to finance her own position
  • material resources amounting to 2,000 euros, which can be used, for example, for travel.

If desired, the prize winner can also waive the position offered (e.g. if she has already received approval for a third-party funded research position), in which case the material funds increase to 10,000 euros.

The Dean appoints an annual commission including the Equal Opportunities Officers to award both prizes. It is possible to receive both prizes subsequently. However, the award of the Ruth Moufang Doctoral Prize does not automatically result in the award of the Advancement Award. However, Ruth Moufang Doctoral Prize winners are invited to apply for the sponsorship prize as well.

Dr. Nora Philippi (PhD on 28.08.2023)

Dr. Elisa Strauch (PhD on 15.11.2022)

Dr. Sandra Lang (PhD on 03.05.2022)

Dr. Insa Maria Apel (PhD on 16.04.2021)

Dr. Anne-Therese Rauls (PhD on 13.04.2021)

Dr. Sophie Langer (PhD on 21.04.2020)

Dr. Nora Feldt-Caesar (PhD on 28.04.2016)

Dr. Claudia Alfes (PhD on 05.02.2015)

Dr. Renate Nitsch (PhD on 12.12.2014)

Dr. Jane Ghiglieri (PhD on 11.07.2014)

Dr. Pia Domschke (PhD on 17.02.2011)

Dr. Karolin Götze (PhD on 22.12.2009)

Dr. Sarah Drewes (PhD on 05.06.2009)

Dr. Sophie Langer (PhD on 21.04.2020)

Dr. Mirjam Walloth (award ceremony on 02.06.2017)

1905: born in Darmstadt

1924: High school graduation in Bad Kreuznach

1925: Study of mathematics in Frankfurt (Siegel/Dehn/Hellinger/Epstein)

1929: State examination

1930: PhD at Dehn (Projective geometry of the plane)

1931-1933: Research stays in Rome and Königsberg

During National Socialism

1933: Lectureships in Frankfurt

1935: Dehn, Hellinger, Epstein removed from office, Szasz banned from teaching, Siegel leaves

1936: Habilitation attempt -- Moufang not admitted to the teaching trial as a woman

1937: Research assistant at Krupp Essen, 1942 head of department applied publications -- first female mathematician with a doctorate in industry

Post-war period in Frankfurt

1946: Venia Legendi

1962: full professor (first in mathematics in Germany)

1970: emeritus

23 doctoral students, but no more publications. Moufang felt she was sometimes disrespected as a woman.