Dissertation Theses

Dissertation Theses

Dissertation theses usually deal with complex mathematical optimization problems for which no efficient solution methods exist so far. Often such optimization problems are motivated by practical applications in industry, economics or engineering sciences. The investigated optimization problems all contain the common structure of discrete decisions, i.e., either yes/no (0/1) decisions or integer numbers. Typically, such optimization tasks can be formulated via mixed-integer linear or nonlinear optimization problems (MIP or MINLP). A dissertation thesis usually includes the development of a solution method, based on a mathematical analysis of the corresponding mathematical structures. The solution methodology is mostly tested on real-world or realistic data.

Dissertation Theses in Progress

  • Sensitivity Analysis and Resilience of Integer Programs using the Example of Energy Systems
    Erik Jansen (Prof. Pfetsch)
  • Maximilian Gläser (Prof. Pfetsch)
  • Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Optimization of Heating Networks
    Lea Rehlich (Prof. Pfetsch and Prof. Ulbrich)
  • Incremental Maximization
    David Weckbecker (Prof. Disser)
  • Online Graph Exploration
    Julia Baligacs (Prof. Disser)
  • Potential-based Flows
    Annette Lutz (Prof. Disser)
  • Complexity of the Simplex Method
    Nils Mosis (Prof. Disser)

Finished Dissertation Theses






  • Analyzing Infeasibility in Flow Networks
    Imke Joorman (Prof. Pfetsch)