Research Group Optimization


How does current research look like in optimization? How are the algorithms discussed in the optimization lectures used in practice? And how are they implemented? Whoever wondered about these questions before should apply as a student assistant at the research group optimization!

The research group optimization is looking for student assistants to assist the group's research projects. In different projects help is needed for implementing different algorithms and trying out different models.

We offer:

  • appointment as student assistant for one to three years,
  • relatively flexible working hours,
  • introduction to current research topics,
  • insight into academic optimization software and
  • opportunity to continue this work as a bachelor or master thesis within the research group

We are looking for interested mathematics or computer science students with

  • programming experience in C/C++ or MATLAB,
  • good knowledge of optimization algorithms and
  • who enjoy programming.

Knowledge of different optimization software packages (SCIP, CPLEX, GUROBI) is an advantage.

If you are interested, please submit your current curriculum vitae and performance record to Jannik Breitkopf (Dolivostr. 15, room 120 or electronically ).