Prof. Dr. Yingkun Li

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work +49 6151 16-22468
fax +49 6151 16-22470

Work S2|15 425
Schlossgartenstraße 7
64289 Darmstadt


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  • G. Bogo, Y. Li, M. Schwagenscheidt, Laurent expansions of meromorphic modular forms, (2023), submitted (arxiv)
  • Y. Li, C. Röhrig, Mock Maass forms revisited, (2023), submitted (arxiv)
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  • Y. Li, H. Ngo, R. Rhoades, Renormalization and Quantum Modular Forms, Part I: Maass Wave Forms, preprint. (arxiv)
  • Y. Li, H. Ngo, R. Rhoades, Renormalization and Quantum Modular Forms, Part II: Mock Theta Functions, preprint. (arxiv)

Conference Proceedings

  • Y. Li, Harmonic Eisenstein series of weight one, conference proceedings of the workshop on L-functions and automorphic forms at Heidelberg Feb. 2016. (arxiv)
  • Y. Li, Oberwolfach Report on real-dihedral harmonic Maass forms (2014). (pdf (opens in new tab) )


  • Notes on Hilbert modular forms and arithmetic applications (GoCAS mini-course, 2016). (pdf (opens in new tab) )
  • Notes on singular moduli during the second EU/US summer school on automorphic forms and related topics (2014). (pdf (opens in new tab) )



  • SS23: Topologie
  • SS23: Representation theory
  • WS22/23 (JGU Mainz): Zahlentheorie
  • WS22/23 (JGU Mainz): Seminar on p-adic numbers.
  • SS 22: sabbatical
  • WS21/22: Algebraic geometry II (with Prof.Timo Richarz)
  • SS 21: Hilbert modular forms (pdf (opens in new tab) )
  • WS 20/21: Elliptic curve and complex multiplication (pdf (opens in new tab) )
  • SS 20: Linear Algebra II
  • WS19/20: Linear Algebra I
  • WS18/19: Seminar on Catalan's Conjecture (pdf (opens in new tab) ).
  • SS18: Algebraic Number Theory.
  • SS17: Seminar Elliptische Kurven (with Prof. Dr. Bruinier , M.Sc. Schwagenscheidt)
  • SS15: Analysis II (assistant for Dr. Gregoriades)
  • WS14/15: Analysis I (assitant for Prof. Kohlenbach )



  • I am co-organizing the "Darmstadt Mathezirkel ". It's an after school program for high school students. We meet on Mondays from 16 to 17:30 in S2|15 room 244.