Elena Mäder-Baumdicker

Prof. Dr. Elena Mäder-Baumdicker

Schlossgartenstr. 7
64289 Darmstadt

Raum: S2|15 307

+49 6151 16-22497
+49 6151 16-22498



Office Hours/Sprechstunde

If you have questions, visit me in my office or write me an email to make an appointment.


Summer term 2019: Bachelor seminar about minimal surfaces

Winter term 19/20: Differential Geometry (= Curves and Surfaces)


I am interested in questions related to Geometric variational problems, for example minimal surfaces theory or Willmore surfaces.

My articles:

  • (with P. Breuning and J. Hirsch) Existence of minimizing Willmore Klein bottles in Euclidean four-space, Geom. Topol. 21(2017), no.4, 2485-2526, available on Arxiv here.
  • (with J. Hirsch) A note on Willmore minimizing Klein bottles in Euclidean space, Adv. Math. 319(2017), 67-75, available on Arxiv here.
  • Singularities of the area preserving curve shortening flow with a Neumann free boundary condition, Math. Ann. 371(2018), no.3-4, 1429-1448, available on Arxiv here.
  • The area preserving curve shortening flow with Neumann free boundary conditions, PhD Thesis, University of Freiburg, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, 155p., 2014.

My preprints:

  • (with J. Hirsch) On the Morse Index of Willmore Spheres, available on Arxiv here.


I am member of the SPP 2026 „Geometry at infinity“, see SPP2026.