Algebraic number theory

Algebraic number theory

Prof. Dr. Timo Richarz

Here are the lecture notes (opens in new tab) that will be updated weekly. The notes also contain exercises.

Time and Place

Tuesdays, 9:50-11:30 and Fridays, 11:40-13:20

Starting: April 16, 2024

Ending: July 19, 2024

Room S215 401 and Zoom (ID: 654 2542 5948, PW: largest six digit number divisible by three)

Exercises by Ronald Solodov, Wednesdays, 11:40-13:20 in S215 401

Starting April 24

Course description: Algebraic numbers, Dedekind rings, prime ideal decomposition, ideal class group, unit group, extensions of Dedekind rings, branching, orders, possibly further topics such as valuation theory, L-series or introduction to class field theory.