Preprint 31/2022
Matti Würthen, Heer Zhao
Log p-divisible groups associated to log 1-motives
Preprint 30/2022
Anna Barbieri, Martin Möller, Yu Qiu, Jeonghoon So
Quadratic differentials as stability conditions: collapsing subsurfaces
Preprint 29/2022
Dawei Chen, Samuel Grushevsky, David Holmes, Martin Möller,
Johannes Schmitt
A tale of two moduli spaces: logarithmic and multi-scale differentials
Preprint 28/2022
Kris Shaw, Annette Werner
On the birational geometry of matroids
Preprint 27/2022
Klaus Altmann, Christian Haase, Alex Küronya, Karin Schaller, Lena Walter
NObodies are perfect, their semigroups are not
Preprint 26/2022
Stephan Ehlen, Yingkun Li, Markus Schwagenscheidt
Harmonic Maass forms associated with CM newforms
Preprint 25/2022
Robert Cass, Thibaud van den Hove, Jakob Scholbach
The geometric Satake equivalence for integral motives
Preprint 24/2022
Pramod N. Achar, João Lourenço, Timo Richarz, Simon Riche
Fixed points under pinning-preserving automorphisms of reductive group schemes
Preprint 23/2022
Claudia Alfes-Neumann, Jan Hendrik Bruinier, Markus Schwagenscheidt
Harmonic weak Maass forms and periods II
Preprint 22/2022
Lucie Devey
Newton--Okounkov bodies of curve classes
Preprint 21/2022
Felix Röhrle, Dmitry Zakharov
The tropical n-gonal construction
Preprint 20/2022
Patrick Bieker
Integral models of moduli spaces of shtukas with deep Bruhat-Tits level structures
Preprint 19/2022
Riccardo Zuffetti
Cones of orthogonal Shimura subvarieties and equidistribution
Preprint 18/2022
Najmuddin Fakhruddin, Thomas Haines, João Lourenço, Timo Richarz
Singularities of local models
Preprint 17/2022
Timo Richarz
Non-normality of Schubert varieties
Preprint 16/2022
Timo Richarz
Categorical Künneth formula for Weil sheaves
Preprint 15/2022
Johannes Anschütz, Ian Gleason, João Lourenço, Timo Richarz
On the p-adic theory of local models
Preprint 14/2022
Thibaud van den Hove
Quasi-isogeny groups of supersingular abelian surfaces via pro-étale fundamental groups
Preprint 13/2022
Jan H. Bruinier, Yingkun Li, Tonghai Yang
Deformations of Theta Integrals and A Conjecture of Gross-Zagier
Preprint 12/2022
Patrick Bieker
Compactification of Level Maps of Moduli Spaces of Drinfeld Shtukas
Preprint 11/2022
Gabriele Bogo, Younes Nikdelan
Ramanujan systems of Rankin-Cohen type and hyperbolic triangles
Preprint 10/2022
Gabriele Bogo, Yingkun Li
Span of Restriction of Hilbert Theta Functions
Preprint 9/2022
Manuel K.-H. Müller, Nils R. Scheithauer
The invariants of the Weil representation of SL2(Z)
Preprint 8/2022
Can Yaylali
Notes on derived algebraic geometry
Preprint 7/2022
Can Yaylali
Derived F-zips
Preprint 6/2022
Riccardo Zuffetti
Unfolding and injectivity of the Kudla-Millson lift of genus 1
Preprint 5/2022
Andreas Gross, Martin Ulirsch, Dmitry Zakharov
Principal bundles on metric graphs: the GLn case
Preprint 4/2022
L. Alexander Betts, Jakob Stix
Galois sections and p-adic period mappings
Preprint 3/2022
Dawei Chen, Matteo Costantini, Martin Möller
On the Kodaira dimension of moduli spaces of Abelian differentials
Preprint 2/2022
Riccardo Zuffetti
Cones of special cycles of codimension 2 on orthogonal Shimura varieties
Preprint 1/2022
Johannes Horn, Martin Möller
Compactifying the rank two Hitchin system via spectral data on semistable curves


Preprint 20/2021
Bertrand Rémy, Amaury Thuillier, Annette Werner
An intrinsic characterization of Bruhat-Tits buildings inside analytic groups
Preprint 19/2021
M. Dittmann, H. Wang
Theta blocks related to root systems
Preprint 18/2021
Norbert Peyerimhoff, Marc Roth, Johannes Schmitt, Jakob Stix, Alina Vdovina
Parameterized (Modular) Counting and Cayley Graph Expanders
Preprint 17/2021
Sven Möller, Nils R. Scheithauer
A Geometric Classification of the Holomorphic Vertex Operator Algebras of Central Charge 24
Preprint 16/2021
Gabriele Bogo
Modular forms, deformation of punctured spheres, and extensions of symmetric tensor representations
Preprint 15/2021
Gabriele Bogo
Accessory parameters for four-punctured spheres
Preprint 14/2021
Tamir Hemo, Timo Richarz, Jakob Scholbach
Constructible sheaves on schemes and a categorical Künneth formula
Preprint 13/2021
Tommaso Centeleghe, Jakob Stix
Categories of abelian varieties over finite fields II: Abelian varieties over Fq and Morita equivalence
Preprint 12/2021
Paul Kiefer
Orthogonal Eisenstein Series at Harmonic Points and Modular Forms of Singular Weight
Preprint 11/2021
Paul Kiefer
Orthogonal Eisenstein Series and Theta Lifts
Preprint 10/2021
André Belotto da Silva, Lorenzo Fantini, András Némethi, Anne Pichon
Polar exploration of complex surface germs
Preprint 9/2021
Ben Heuer, Lucas Mann, Annette Werner
The p-adic Corlette–Simpson correspondence for abeloids
Preprint 8/2021
Felix Röhrle, Johannes Schwab
Realizability of tropical pluri-canonical divisors
Preprint 7/2021
Margarida Melo, Samouil Molcho, Martin Ulirsch, Filippo Viviani
Tropicalization of the universal Jacobian
Preprint 6/2021
Alex Küronya, Pedro Souza, Martin Ulirsch
Tropicalization of toric prevarieties
Preprint 5/2021
Hélène Esnault, Vasudevan Srinivas, Jakob Stix
An obstruction to lifting to characteristic 0
Preprint 4/2021
Jan Hendrik Bruinier, Benjamin Howard
Arithmetic volumes of unitary Shimura varieties
Preprint 3/2021
Yingkun Li
Algebraicity of higher Green functions at a CM point
Preprint 2/2021
Alex J. Best, L. Alexander Betts, Theresa Kumpitsch, Martin Lüdtke, Angus W. McAndrew, Lie Qian, Elie Studnia, Yujie Xu
Refined Selmer equations for the thrice-punctured line in depth two
Preprint 1/2021
Yingkun Li, Markus Schwagenscheidt
Mock Modular Forms with Integral Fourier Coefficients


Preprint 25/2020
A. Aryasomayajula, J. Kramer and A.-M. v. Pippich
Sup-norm bounds for Jacobi forms

Preprint 24/2020
B. Jung and von A.-M. v. Pippich
The arithmetic volume of the moduli space of abelian surfaces

Preprint 23/2020
M. Grados and A.-M. v. Pippich
Self-intersection of the relative dualizing sheaf on modular curves X(N)

Preprint 22/2020
A.-M. v. Pippich, M. Schwagenscheidt and F. Völz
Kronecker limit formulas for parabolic, hyperbolic, and elliptic Eisenstein series via Borcherds products

Preprint 21/2020
Haowu Wang, Brandon Williams
Projective spaces as orthogonal modular varieties

Preprint 20/2020
Haowu Wang, Brandon Williams
Simple lattices and free algebras of modular forms

Preprint 19/2020
Lucas Mann and Annette Werner
Local systems on diamonds and p-adic vector bundles.

Preprint 18/2020
Toric Newton-Okounkov functions with an application to the rationality of certain Seshadri constants on surfaces
Christian Haase, Alex Küronya, Lena Walter

Preprint 17/2020
Simple cyclic covers of the plane and Seshadri constants of some general hypersurfaces in weighted projective space
Alex Küronya, Sönke Rollenske

Preprint 16/2020
sl(2)-type singular fibres of the symplectic and odd orthogonal Hitchin system
Johannes Horn

Preprint 15/2020
A categorical Künneth formula for constructible étale sheaves
Timo Richarz, Jakob Scholbach

Preprint 14/2020
Tate motives on Witt vector affine flag varieties
Timo Richarz, Jakob Scholbach

Preprint 13/2020
Néron blow-ups and low degree cohomological applications
Arnaud Mayeux, Timo Richarz, Matthieu Romagny

Preprint 12/2020
Classification of BTn-groups over perfectoid rings
Timo Henkel

Preprint 11/2020
On fibrations approaching the Arakelov equality
Maximilian Bieri

Preprint 10/2020
Shintani Lifts of Nearly Holomorphic Modular Forms
Yingkun Li, Shaul Zemel

Preprint 9/2020
Theta blocks related to root systems
Moritz Dittmann, Haowu Wang

Preprint 8/2020
Borcherds products of half-integral weight
Haowu Wang, Brandon Williams

Preprint 7/2020
On some free algebras of orthogonal modular forms
Haowu Wang, Brandon Williams

Preprint 6/2020
Two graded rings of Hermitian modular forms
Brandon Williams

Preprint 5/2020
Cubic twin prime polynomials are counted by a modular form (opens in new tab)
Lior Bary-Soroker, Jakob Stix

Preprint 4/2020
Local systems on diamonds and p-adic vector bundles
Lucas Mann, Annette Werner

Preprint 3/2020
The Chern classes and the Euler characteristic of the moduli spaces of abelian differentials
Matteo Costantini, Martin Möller and Jonathan Zachhuber

Preprint 2/2020
diffstrata -- a Sage package for calculations in the tautological ring of the moduli space of Abelian differentials
Matteo Costantini, Martin Möller and Jonathan Zachhuber

Preprint 1/2020
A non-Archimedean analogue of Teichmüller space and its tropicalization
Martin Ulirsch


Preprint 36/2019
Wall-crossing and recursion formulae for tropical Jucys covers
Marvin Anas Hahn, Danilo Lewanski

Preprint 35/2019
Lecture notes on adic spaces
Torsten Wedhorn

Preprint 34/2019
Tautological rings of Shimura varieties and cycle classes of Ekedahl-Oort strata
Torsten Wedhorn, Paul Ziegler

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Completions and algebraic formulas for the coefficients of Ramanujan's mock theta functions
David Klein, Jennifer Kupka

Preprint 32/2019
Harmonic theta series and the Kodaira dimension of A6
Moritz Dittmann, Riccardo Salvati Manni, Nils R. Scheithauer

Preprint 31/2019
Dimension Formulae and Generalised Deep Holes of the Leech Lattice Vertex Operator Algebra
Sven Möller, Nils R. Scheithauer

Preprint 30/2019
Note on Fourier expansions at cusps
François Brunault, Michael Neururer

Preprint 29/2019
Weil's converse theorem for Maass forms and cancellation of zeros
Michael Neururer, Thomas Oliver

Preprint 28/19
Symmetric powers of algebraic and tropical curves: a non-Archimedean perspective
Madeline Brandt and Martin Ulirsch

Preprint 27/2019
Triply mixed coverings of arbitrary base curves: Quasimodularity, quantum curves and amysterious topological recursions.
Marvin Anas Hahn, Jan-Willem van Ittersum and Felix Leid

Preprint 26/2019
Theta lifts for Lorentzian lattices and coefficients of mock theta functions
Jan Hendrik Bruinier, Markus Schwagenscheidt

Preprint 25/2019
Special Cycles on Toroidal Compactifications of Orthogonal Shimura Varieties
Jan Hendrik Bruinier, Shaul Zemel

Preprint 24/2019
CM values of higher automorphic Green functions for orthogonal groups
Jan Hendrik Bruinier, Stephan Ehlen, Tonghai Yang

Preprint 23/2019
Tropical convex hulls of infinite sets
Cvetelina Hill, Sara Lamboglia, Faye Pasley Simon

Preprint 22/2019
A short note on Cayley-Salmon equations
Marvin Anas Hahn, Sara Lamboglia, Alejandro Vargas

Preprint 21/2019
Geometry of multigraded rings and embeddings of toric varieties
Alex Küronya, Stefano Urbinati

Preprint 20/2019
Higher pullbacks of modular forms on orthogonal groups
Brandon Williams

Preprint 19/2019
The moduli space of multi-scale differentials
Matt Bainbridge, Dawei Chen, Quentin Gendron, Samuel Grushevsky, Martin Möller

Preprint 18/2019
The area is a good enough metric
Matteo Costantini, Martin Möller, Jonathan Zachhuber

Preprint 17/2019
Masur-Veech volumes and intersection theory: the principal strata of quadratic differentials
D. Chen, M. Möller, A. Sauvaget, with an appendix by G. Borot, A. Giacchetto, D. Lewanski

Preprint 16/2019
The Manin constant and the modular degree
Kestutis Cesnavicius, Michael Neururer, Abhishek Saha

Preprint 15/2019
On a Conjecture of Yui and Zagier
Yingkun Li, Tonghai Yang

Preprint 14/2019
Tropical double ramification loci
Martin Ulirsch, Dmitry Zakharov

Preprint 13/2019
The motivic Satake equivalen
Timo Richarz, Jakob Scholbach

Preprint 12/2019
Normality and Cohen-Macaulayness of parahoric local models
Thomas J. Haines, Timo Richarz

Preprint 11/2019
The intersection motive of the moduli stack of Shtukas
Timo Richarz, Jakob Scholbach

Preprint 10/2019
Graded rings of paramodular forms of levels 5 and 7
Brandon Williams

Preprint 9/2019
Twisted component sums of vector-valued modular forms
Markus Schwagenscheidt, Brandon Williams

Preprint 8/2019
Divisorial motivic zeta functions for marked stable curves
Madeline Brandt, Martin Ulirsch

Preprint 7/2019
Strongly semistable reduction of syzygy bundles on plane curves
Marvin Anas Hahn, Annette Werner

Preprint 6/2019
Concave transforms of filtrations and rationality of Seshadri constants
Alex Küronya, Catriona Maclean, Joaquim Roé

Preprint 5/2019
Bounded volume denominators and bounded negativity
Thomas Bauer, Brian Harbourne, Alex Küronya, Matthias Nickel

Preprint 4/2019
Masur-Veech volume of the gothic locus
David Torres-Teigell

Preprint 3/2019
Masur-Veech volumes and intersection theory on moduli spaces of abelian differentials
Dawei Chen, Martin Möller, Adrien Sauvaget, Don Zagier

Preprint 2/2019
Abelian tropical covers
Yoav Len, Martin Ulirsch, Dmitry Zakharov

Preprint 1/2019
Skeletons of Prym varieties and Brill--Noether theory
Yoav Len, Martin Ulirsch


Preprint 25/2018
On the normality of Schubert varieties: remaining cases in positive characteristic
Thomas J. Haines, João Lourenço, Timo Richarz

Preprint 24/2018
Higher syzygies on surfaces with numerically trivial canonical bundle
Daniele Agostini, Alex Küronya, Victor Lozovanu

Preprint 23/2018
Reflective automorphic forms on lattices of squarefree level
Moritz Dittmann

Preprint 22/2018
Regularized inner products of meromorphic modular forms and higher Green’s functions
Kathrin Bringmann, Ben Kane, Anna-Maria von Pippich

Preprint 21/2018
A Jensen–Rohrlich type formula for the hyperbolic 3-space
Sebastián Herrero, Özlem Imamoğlu, Anna-Maria von Pippich, Árpád Tóth

Preprint 20/2018
Tautological rings of Shimura varieties and cycle classes of Ekedahl-Oort strata
Torsten Wedhorn, Paul Ziegler

Preprint 19/2018
Symmetric powers of algebraic and tropical curves: a non-Archimedean perspective
Madeline Brandt, Martin Ulirsch

Preprint 18/2018
Effective global generation on varieties with numerically trivial canonical class
Alex Küronya, Yusuf Mustopa

Preprint 17/2018
Infinite series of quaternionic 1-vertex cube complexes, the doubling construction, and explicit cubical Ramanujan complexes
Nithi Rungtanapirom, Jakob Stix, Alina Vdovina

Preprint 16/2018
Pillowcase covers: Counting Feynman-like graphs associated with quadratic differentials
Elise Goujard, Martin Möller

Preprint 15/2018
Singular Units and Isogenies Between CM Elliptic Curves
Yingkun Li

Preprint 14/2018
Average CM-values of Higher Green's Function and Factorization
Yinkung Li

Preprint 13/2018
Computing antisymmetric modular forms and theta lifts
Brandon Williams

Preprint 12/2018
The rings of Hilbert modular forms for Q(sqrt29) and Q(sqrt37)
Brandon Williams

Preprint 11/2018
Remarks on the theta decomposition of vector-valued Jacobi forms
Brandon Williams

Preprint 10/2018
Mock modular forms whose shadows are Eisenstein series of integral weight
Sebastián Herrero, Anna-Maria von Pippich

Preprint 9/2018
A magnetic modular form
Yingkun Li, Michael Neururer

8/2018; Proceedings ICM 2018, Rio de Janeiro
Geometry of Teichmüller Curves (opens in new tab)
Martin Möller

Preprint 7/2018
Euler characteristics of Gothic Teichmüller curves
Martin Möller, David Torres-Teigell

Preprint 6/2018
An explicit construction of non-tempered cusp forms on O(1,8n+1)
Yingkun Li, Hiro-aki Narita, Ameya Pitale

Preprint 5/2018
A converse theorem for Borcherds products on X_0(N)
Jan Hendrik Bruinier, Markus Schwagenscheidt

Preprint 4/2018
Fourier expansions at cusps
François Brunault, Michael Neururer

Preprint 3/2018
Mahler measures of elliptic modular surfaces
François Brunault, Michael Neururer

Preprint 2/2018
Dimension Formulae in Genus Zero and Uniqueness of Vertex Operator Algebras
Jethro van Ekeren, Sven Möller, Nils R. Scheithauer

Preprint 1/2018
Arithmetic degrees of special cycles and derivatives of Siegel Eisenstein series
Jan Hendrik Bruinier, Tonghai Yang

Preprint 2/2017
Modularity of generating series of winding numbers
Jan H. Bruinier, Jens Funke, Özlem Imamoglu, Yingkun Li

Preprint 1/2017
Realizability of tropical canonical divisors
Martin Möller, Martin Ulirsch, Annette Werner