SCIP Workshop 2012

SCIP Workshop 2012

The first SCIP Workshop took place in Darmstadt on October 8 and 9, 2012, and was organized by Prof. Marc Pfetsch and Sonja Mars.

Programme Day 1

  Speaker Topic
13:00 M. Pfetsch Introduction: SCIP and some of its features
13:45 M. Lübbecke Branch-and-cut-and-Price
15:30 Coffee Break  
16:00 M. Bergner An exact column generation approach to the cut packing problem
16:30 C. Puchert Primal heuristics for the Branch-and-Price solver GCG
17:00 Coffee Break  
17:30 J. Cussens About using SCIP to 'learn' the structure of Bayesian networks from data

Programme Day 2

  Speaker Topic
10:00 S. Mars Solving MISDPs using SCIP
10:30 G. Gamrath Branching in SCIP
11:00 Coffee Break  
11:30 A. Gleixner and S. Weltge Implementation of an OBBT propagator in SCIP
12:00 Lunch  
13:30 J. Funke and R. Velasquez About integrating SCIP in a terminal container management system
14:00 D. Weninger Recently developed MIP presolver plugins in SCIP
14:30 Coffee Break  
15:00 J. Schweiger Multi-Scenario Topology Optimization in Gas
15:45 Coffee Break  
16:15 M. Pfetsch Symmetry handling in SCIP

The Abstracts of the talks can be found here.