The Computational Multiphase Flow group develops simulation methods for the computer-aided prediction of transport processes in multiphase flows.

Bridging scales

The scientific focus is on the development of adaptive and hybrid approaches, which are particularly suited to bridge the large spatial and temporal scales as well as to deal with strong coupling typically present in these multiphysics processes. The overarching goal is to enable simulations of systems with realistic material properties and under real operating conditions (digital replicas/twins).

The group pursues an Open Data and Open Source development model based on the C++ library OpenFOAM for Computational Continuum Physics. Research results are made available to the public both in the form of scientific publications (journal papers) and in the form of software (source codes). Central code repository for releases of the group is

Holger Marschall,
Research group leader

"Method development for the implementation of models in modern codes like OpenFOAM is as important for the physical fidelity of simulations as the underlying models themselves."