Gaus Research Group
Chromatic Homotopy Theory

This is a GAUS-AG jointly organized by Darmstadt and Mainz.

Time and Place

Tuesdays, 14:00-15:30 (MET) starting April 16 and ending July 16.

Room S215 401 and via Zoom (612 2072 7363, Password: largest six digit prime number).

Here is the detailed program (opens in new tab) (opens in new tab) and the list of talks:

Date Title Speaker
April 16, 2024 Spectra & (co)homology theories Tom Bachmann
April 23, 2024 Lazard’s theorem Timon Tausendpfund
April 30, 2024 Complex-oriented cohomology theories Daniel Fink
May 7, 2024 Complex bordism Timo Weiß
May 14, 2024 Milnor–Quillen theorem on MU Klaus Mattis
May 21, 2024 The moduli stack of formal groups Jon Miles
May 28, 2024 Flat modules over MFG Paul Siemon
June 4, 2024 Even periodic cohomology theories Torsten Wedhorn
June 11, 2024 Lubin–Tate theory Lucas Gerth
June 18, 2024 Morava E-theory & Morava K-theory Chirantan Chowdhury
June 25, 2024 Localizing subcategories of p-local spectra Rizcan Ciloglu
July 2, 2024 Chromatic splitting & vanishing conjectures Timo Richarz
July 9, 2024 The isomorphism between the two towers Thibaud van den Hove
July 16, 2024 Proof of Theorem B (double session) Ruth Wild & Fabio Tanania