Women in Automorphic Forms
TU Darmstadt, September 5-7, 2018

This is a conference in number theory and arithmetic geometry specially addressed to female mathematicians working in these areas. However, anybody interested in these topics is kindly invited to attend.


  • Thérèse Falliero (U Avignon)
  • Jessica Fintzen (U Michigan/U Cambridge)
  • Elise Goujard (Paris, Orsay)
  • Judith Ludwig (U Bonn)
  • Jasmin Matz (Hebrew U)
  • Jolanta Marzec (TU Darmstadt)
  • Kathrin Maurischat (U Heidelberg)
  • Colette Moeglin (CNRS Paris)
  • Anke Pohl (U Jena)
  • Katrin Wendland (U Freiburg)



Please find the schedule with titles and abstracts here (opens in new tab).


The lectures take place in the Lecture Hall 23 of building S1|03, Hochschulstraße 1, 64289 Darmstadt. The coffee breaks take place in Seminarraum 12 in the same building.

There is also the Campus Navi.


Please register here. The deadline is August 20, 2018.

Financial support

Limited financial support to cover travel and accommodation costs is available for selected PhD students and postdocs. To apply for financial support, please send a motivation letter and a budget plan to Claudia Alfes-Neumann. The deadline is May 20, 2018.

Child care

If you plan to bring your child, please contact us in advance. We might be able to offer child care in the university's facilities.


The conference is supported by the LOEWE research unit Uniformized Structures in Arithmetic and Geometry, the TU Darmstadt, and the Carlo and Karin Giersch-Stiftung.