Automorphic Forms and L-Functions
TU Darmstadt, March 17-19, 2013

Organised by K. Bringman, J. Bruinier and S. Ehlen a conference on automorphic forms an L-functions takes place at TU Darmstadt.


  • Siegfried Böcherer (Mannheim, Germany)
  • YoungJu Choie (Pohang, Korea)
  • Stephan Ehlen (Darmstadt, Germany)
  • Jens Funke (Durham, United Kingdom)
  • Gerard van der Geer (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Dorian Goldfeld (New York, USA)
  • Valery Gritsenko (Lille, France)
  • Tomoyoshi Ibukiyama (Osaka, Japan)
  • Özlem Imamoglu (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Ben Kane (Cologne, Germany)
  • Riccardo Salvati Manni (Rome, Italy)
  • Geoffrey Mason (Santa Cruz, USA)
  • Ken Ono (Atlanta, USA)
  • Jyoti Sengupta (Mumbai, India)
  • Nils-Peter Skoruppa (Siegen, Germany)
  • Don Zagier (Bonn, Germany)

The conference poster on the right is available for download here (opens in new tab). It has been illustrated by Karl Heinrich Hofmann.


The schedule is not available anymore. All lectures took place in room S214 / 024 (in the Nuclear Physics building opposite to the math building). There was also a conference dinner in honor of the 60th birthday of Winfried Kohnen on Monday, March 18, 18:30 at the restaurant “Sardegna da franco”.


The conference is supported by the Alfried Krupp Prize for Young University Teachers of the Krupp-Stiftung awarded to Kathrin Bringmann.

Moreover, the conference is partially supported by the DFG-Project “Weak Maass Forms” and the TU Darmstadt.