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  • Compensation for disadvantages

    Compensation for disadvantages due to disability or illness and family burdens.

    The General Examination Regulations regulate the possibility of compensating for disadvantages:

    "§ 24 Compensation for disadvantages and family support in examinations

    (1) The nature and severity of a disability or illness shall be taken into account in the examination procedure. If an examinee substantiates that he/she is not able to take the examination performance in whole or in part in the intended form due to a long-lasting or permanent physical disability or a serious illness, the examiner may compensate for this by extending the processing time accordingly or by structuring the examination procedure differently. A medical certificate must be presented on request.

    (2) Account shall be taken of the burden of pregnancy, bringing up children or caring for relatives in need of care. Insofar as the APB or the implementing provisions stipulate deadlines for the provision of certain services, these shall be extended by the statutory maternity protection periods upon request. Furthermore, upon application, an appropriate extension of the deadlines can also be granted if there are proven burdens according to sentence 1.

    (3) Decisions under subsections 1 and 2 shall be taken by the examiner, if necessary by the competent examination board in agreement with the examiner.

    If you have any questions in this regard, please contact the student advisory service.