Master's Programmes

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At the TU Darmstadt we offer two master programmes: The German-taught study programme Mathematik is divided into three different fields of study, which allow you to specialise in your favourite disciplines. The English-instructed study programme Mathematics offers even more mathematics: Choose a third mathematical specialisation instead of a minor subject!

Our study programmes in the overview

On the following pages we present our Master's programmes in detail:

Master of Science Mathematik (German)

In this study programme you have the choice between three different fields of study :

  • Mathematics
  • Business Mathematics
  • Mathematics Interdisciplinary

The field of study Mathematics is for the all-rounders among you. Here you have the opportunity to develop your full potential and to choose exactly the specialisation that suits you. Please note the requirements you should bring along from your Bachelor's degree .

In the field of Business Mathematics, the proportion of business courses increases once again compared to the Bachelor's programme . You will choose one mathematical specialisation from Optimisation or Stochastics and the second specialisation from Economics modules. The major subject is rounded off by the minor subject of Economics with a possible focus on business informatics.

Your studies will be even more versatile with the Mathematics Interdisciplinary major. Here, you choose a non-mathematical subject as a second specialisation and, as in Business Mathematics, you also take only one mathematical specialisation. The minor subject should correspond to the non-mathematical specialisation. Popular specializations are, for example, computer science or physics.

Master of Science Mathematics

The English-instructed Master's programme offers the opportunity to do even more maths – if you choose not to take the minor subject, you can choose a third mathematical specialisation to round off your professional profile. The M.Sc. Mathematics degree qualifies you to work in international companies.