Master of Education in Mathematics

The study programme “Master of Education (M.Ed.) at vocational schools – mathematics combined with a vocational discipline” trains you to become a teacher of mathematics at a vocational school (including vocational secondary schools – “berufliches Gymnasium”). It builds on the Bachelor of Education programme which itself concentrates on a vocational discipline but also includes mathematical science and teaching methodology worth 20 CPs. Lateral entry is possible for graduates with technical degrees and work experience (see also Application and Admission). Additional information can be found on the webpages of the Zentrum für Lehrkräftebildung (ZfL).

You can also visit General Information on the Master’s Programme in Mathematics – Teaching at Vocational Schools, from which the linked overviews of study programmes are taken.

A consecutive Bachelor’s-Master’s programme leads to a qualification to teach at vocational schools.

In the Bachelor’s programme you study the basic sciences, i.e. educational science, including elements of pedagogics, psychology, sociology and political studies, as well as the science and teaching methodology of one vocational discipline (e.g. metals technology).

Already during your Bachelor’s programme you will acquire fundamental knowledge of the science and teaching methodology of one general educational subject (e.g. German, mathematics etc.) which can be continued at Master’s level.

The contents of the subject-specific and teaching methodology modules in general mathematics subject-teaching are based on the Study Programme in Teaching at Secondary Schools.

The admission requirements for a Master of Education with mathematics are either a relevant Bachelor of Education or lateral entry for those with relevant degrees and work experience. In both cases previous training in university mathematics is helpful.