What awaits you?

Become a part of the community!

Studying inside the Maths Building has once again showed me that it all comes down to inner values. You cannot see it from the outside, but the Maths Building is full of friendly, helping and most of all funny people and studying is even more great with them.

Your studies will start even before the actual lecture period. Our mathematics pre-course will repeat the most important things from your maths lessons and may close gaps, so you will be perfectly prepared for your subject of studies.

One week before your lectures start our traditional orientation week (OWO) will take place, organised by our active student council. Hewe you will learn more about our university, your fellow students and the city of Darmstadt, accompanied by a lot of fun,

During your first two semesters you will also be supervised by student and professor mentors. If you have any questions, they are always there for you!

For me, the intensive support in a small group from the very beginning is very important. It starts before the beginning of the degree programme with the OWO, and during the degree programme I think the practice concept in small groups and the responsiveness of the lecturers and scientific employees are particularly noteworthy. During my studies, I always had the feeling that you are more than just 'any student' and that everyone is committed to your academic success.

We care about you

At the Department of Mathematics, we are particularly proud of our supporting concept, which goes far beyond the OWO or the mentoring programme.

In addition to the lectures, you will take part in several exercise groups supervised by trained student tutors. In these exercise groups, you work on exercises alone or in a group to consolidate the material. The tutors will support you if you get stuck.

You will receive additional support through office hours held weekly by the tutors as well as homework assignments on which your work alone at home and which are corrected by your tutors.

Of course, the assistants and professors are also available for you at any time. We have an open-door policy at the department: If the office door is open, just talk to us!

For me the good support through practice groups and office hours is what makes studying special for me, as well as the active student council and activities such as the theatre or the mathematics choir. I especially like the fact that you have to deal with many students from different semesters and don't just stay among yourselves.

This is what our student council says

What makes us special in Darmstadt is our community and our willingness to help, because no matter whether it's a question of content or organisation: together with the staff of the department, we make an effort to always help ournew students. This is a great atmosphere to study and we are happy to welcome new students to our colourful group.

There are plenty of activities that we organise: the mathematics choir, our maths-music evenings, the mathematicians ballnight, our game nights, improvisation theater and many more. We look forward to seeing new faces!

Personal responsibility is very important to us and we are also very active in university politics. Here as well we always look out for students who would like to get involved. So do you enjoy mathematics or want to meet new people and have fun? Then come along and get to know us!