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Below we have compiled a list of suitable English taught courses for exchange students. If you switch to the German version of the page, you will find the German taught courses. If you have any questions about the courses, please contact the International Coordinators.

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Course selection for exchange students

Below you will find a list of the English taught courses that we recommend for exchange students.

Please note that proseminars and seminars are not graded. Should you nevertheless require a grade, please contact the lecturer directly in the first lesson unit.

Please contact us if you wish to take courses in other departments.

For the list of German taught courses please visit the German translation of this page.

Course Level CP Graded/ungraded Description
Analysis 1 B.Sc. 1. Semester 9 graded Real/complex numbers; convergence of sequences and series; continous/differentiable functions; Mean value Theorem; Taylor's theorem; Integral
Complex Analysis B.Sc. 3. Semester 5 graded Cauchy-Riemann Differential Equations; curve integral; Cauchy´s integral theorem/formula; power series; Liouville´s theorem; Laurentseries; Residue theorem
Proseminar B.Sc. 3. Semester 3 ungraded You must prepare a talk to a specific subject, that will be announced at the beginning of the semester
Seminar B.Sc./M.Sc. 5 ungraded You must prepare a talk to a specific subject, that will be announced at the beginning of the semester
Introduction to Mathematical Logic B.Sc. 5. Semester 9 graded Syntax and semantics of first level logic; formal proofs; Completeness; Compactness theorem; elementary recursion theory; Undecidability and Incompleteness
Probabilty Theory B.Sc. 5. Semester 9 graded Measure theory basics, Random variables, types of convergence, characteristic functions, independence, conditional expectation, martingales, limit theorems
Partial Differential Equations 1 M.Sc. 1. Semester 9 graded Classical Laplace operator, elliptic boundary value problems, Sobolevspaces, embedding theorems and compactness, regularity theory, eigenvalues of elliptic operators
Numerical Methods for PDEs M.Sc. 1. Semester 9 graded Examples of partial differential equations from practice; Elliptical problems; Galerkina approximation, finite element methods, error analysis; Parabolic problems; Semi and full discretization using Method of lines;
Mathematical Programs with Equilibrium Constraints M.Sc. 5 graded Eponymous class of optimization problems; Due to the special structure of equilibrium constraints, the optimality conditions known from nonlinear optimization are no longer applicable. Therefore, MPECs require their own optimality theory, in which methods from nonsmooth analysis are applied, and specialized solution algorithms.
Course Level CP Graded/ungraded Description
Analysis 2 (eng) B.Sc. 2. Semester 9 graded convergence of series of functions, Power series, Topology of metric spaces, Norms on R^n, Differentiation in multiple variables, partial derivatives, Gradient, Taylor's theorem in multiple variables, lokal Extrema, implicit functions, Integration in higher dimensions: curvs in R^n
Algorithmic Discrete Mathematics B.Sc. 4. Semester 5 graded Graph theorie, asymptotic complexity, algorithms to spanning trees, shortest paths, Matchings in bipartit graphs und flows in directet graphs, NP-Completness
Seminar (eng) B.Sc./M.Sc. 5 ungraded You must prepare a talk to a specific subject, that will be announced at the begining of the semester
Sobolev Spaces B.Sc. 6. Semester 5 graded Construction of Sobolev-Spaces, Embedding- und Trace theorems, application to Partial Differential Equations
Graph Theory B.Sc. 6. Semester 9 graded
Partial Differential Equations 2 M.Sc. 2. Semester 9 graded
existence, uniquness und regularity of solutions of linear/ nonlinearer partial differential equations, prefered are application to Fluid mechanics or Material sciences,
content differs depending on lecturer
Applied Proof Theory M.Sc. 2. Semester 9 graded Herbrand-Theorie, Kreisels no-counterexample Interpretation, Gödels Functional Interpretation, monotone Interpretations