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The office for student affairs is currently working in home office most of the time. Because of that, it might take a little longer until emails are answered. Also we might not be reachable by phone.

Please note that some processes will run differently than usual during these unusual times. Please refer to the website of the department and the homepage of the TU Darmstadt for more information.

Thank you.

Doctor's certificate

  • Fill in all form fields completely.
  • If the certificate is valid for a period of time in which you wish to withdraw from several examinations due to illness, please list all the examinations affected.
  • Be sure to include a scan of the certificate.
  • Please keep the certificate (original) for another three years, in case there are any questions or we have to check the authenticity of the copy with the original.
  • You will receive a system message after submitting the form. If it isn't possible to send the form or if you don't receive a confirmation, please send the certificate with the data requested in the form to the Studienbüro Mathemati, Schlossgartenstraße 7, 64289 Darmstadt. We recommend the shipping as “registered mail” (Einschreiben), so that you can provide proof if necessary.
  • In accordance with section 15 (2) APB, the certificate must be submitted within three calendar days.
  • Read more about withdrawal from exams…


Examination management Teaching module management

People to contact

Sabine Bartsch Master in Mathematics, Diplom in Mathematics 06151 16-21442
Meike Mühlhäußer Bachelor in Mathematics, Teaching at Grammar Schools PO 1998 06151 16-21443
Alexandra Neutsch Teaching module management, Service courses 06151 16-21445
Birgitt Simon Public Relations 06151 16-21418
Bettina Plutz Teaching at Secondary Schools PO from 2005, Master of Education in Mathematics, Aptitude assessment, Teaching module management 06151 16-21444
Annette Petters Teaching module evaluation, aptitude test procedure 06151 16-21084
Head of the Office for Student Affairs
Cornelia Seeberg

Coordinator of studies, Course Counselling

06151 16-21441

During our consultation hours, you can visit us at the Office for Students Affairs; we do not answer telephone calls at these times. You are welcome to send us an e-mail at any time, stating your matriculation number and your study programme.