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Lectures in General

Examinations and credits for lecture modules

Since the Summer Semester 2014, students have been required to register for credits as well as for examinations in the respective lecture module provided that the module involves credits. You can discover which modules comprise both credits and examinations when registering on TUCaN.

As a general rule:

All lecture modules in the Bachelor’s study programme include credits.

Lecture modules in the Master’s study programme do not usually include credits. The exceptions are (when attending the supplementary area):

  • discrete optimisation
  • non-linear optimisation
  • approximation theory
  • applied geometry

Please note that you must register for credits even if the lecturer does not specifically control the work you have done for the credit points (usually x percent of assignments).

Important: Unlike registering for examinations, registering for credits is only possible in the semester in which you attend the course.