Mündliche Prüfungen

Oral examinations

For oral examinations in mathematics please initially register for the exam during the registration period via TUCaN. Please ask your examiner about the time and the procedure in which examination dates are set until the end of the lecture period.

Please differentiate between the following oral examinations for the procedure of scheduling dates.

Master’s specialisation examinations and examinations in Teaching Mathematics at Grammar Schools and Master of Education

Standard oral examinations (mathematics students)

Standard oral examinations (students from other departments)

Important: All oral examinations must have been taken before the beginning of lectures in the subsequent semester.

If you have registered an examination on TUCaN, you must still use the relevant form to register the date or agree on a date, which is then entered on TUCaN by your examiner, prior to the deadline. Failure to do so will result in your de-registration by the Office for Student Affairs – Mathematics at the end of the semester (31.03./30.09.). You can only re-register in the following semester.