Examination Registration, Withdrawal and Credits

Particularities according to module form and examination type


You must register for your study and examination credits during the registration times stated (see Dates and deadlines) via the electronic campus management system TUCaN.

Please read this guidance and FAQs about TUCaN!

Please note: If you want to register for an examination or study credits in a module that spans several semesters (e.g. analysis or linear algebra), you may have to wait until you enter the semester in which the module was registered.

For any other questions please turn to the Office for Student Affairs.

Examination withdrawal

It is generally possible to withdraw from examinations up to eight days before the respective examination date. You can withdraw from written examinations online via TUCaN. In the case of oral examinations, you may have to complete the relevant withdrawal form (see Download area) and submit it in writing to the Office for Student Affairs. If you do not withdraw in time and do not attend the examination, it will be marked as “failed”.

Withdrawal due to illness

If you are ill, you will need to submit a medical certificate that states the onset and end of the illness and your inability to take the examination(!). The certificate must not be handwritten and must include the signature and stamp of the doctor issuing the certificate. Simple certificates of incapacity for work will not be accepted! The certificate must be delivered to the Office for Student Affairs within three days or no later than the following working day (Examination Regulations, § 15, para 2).

Additional information on the webpages of the Directorate II

When submitting the certificate please state the following:

  • matriculation number
  • name and date of examination(s)

You can use the withdrawal form (see Download area) for this purpose and check the option “withdrawal with certificate”.

In order to meet the deadline, the certificate may be scanned and forwarded to the Office for Student Affairs by e-mail in advance. The original must, however, be submitted at the earliest opportunity.