Angebote für Schülerinnen und Schüler

Events for Potential Students

On this page both potential students and teachers will discover exciting activities and events which present mathematics vividly and offer an insight into studying mathematics as a subject. School students can tackle mathematical challenges themselves by participating, for example, in the Junior Study Programme, the Summer School, School Student Afternoon, or the Maths Olympics.

Math on demand

We also offer interesting lectures on topics related to mathematics and studying mathematics, e.g. on Hobit, TUDay or Math on Demand.

You will shortly be able to find out more about our activities and exciting events for school students in general in the School and Society area, which is currently under construction.

Maths Circle

The Maths Circle is a project run by the Department of Mathematics at TU Darmstadt that specifically addresses school students.

Modelling Week

Together with the Centre for Mathematics in Bensheim, a so-called Modelling Week is held once a year.

Summerschool “Faszination Mathematik”

Every year the Department of Mathematics organizes a summer school for mathematically interested students of the E- and Q-phase from the region of Hesse. During this summer school, groups of 6-8 students work together over four days on a current and fascinating mathematical topic.