Orientation events for new students

Orientation Week

The Orientation Week (OWO) – the week immediately before the start of lectures in the first semester – is one of the most important components of embarking on a successful degree progamme.

Every year, thanks to the engagement of its Departmental Students’ Representative Committee during the Orientation Week (OWO), the department helps its new students not only to successfully start studying mathematics but also to enjoy doing so. Before lectures begin, you will be given all the important information you need about studying mathematics at Darmstadt. There is also a regularly-updated info brochure, OWO-Info.

Mentoring system

The mentoring system in the Department of Mathematics follows on directly from OWO and accompanies you through your first year of study.

In the first couple of semesters it is often difficult for students to decide what to do when they encounter problems or are feeling unsure. Moreover, we are often asked to provide qualified guidance on planning individual programme contents going well beyond the scope of what can be offered by academic support services and the Departmental Students’ Representative Committee. Furthermore, it is important that students meet the professors at an early stage so that they can get to know each other whilst helping students decide where their interests lie in the various areas of mathematics.

Since the Winter Semester 1999/2000, we have consequently assigned every student of mathematics, irrespective of discipline, a university lecturer from the Department of Mathematics as a mentor as well as an experienced student for support. The mentors and experienced students are there to answer individuals’ questions about planning programme contents and to help construct a focused programme of study. Students and mentors meet regularly for certain purposes (e.g. exam preparation) and, of course, for specific reasons. The mentoring groups are formed during the Orientation Week.

Mandatory elective days

Midway through the Bachelor’s programme, mandatory elective days help students choose their mandatory elective modules and deliver information on the various specialisations in the consecutive Bachelor’s-Master’s study programme.

In cooperation with the Departmental Students’ Representative Committee, Mandatory elective days (WOrT) are held every semester. See also the Departmental Students’ Representative Committee webpage.

WOrT particularly address students in the fourth semester, informing them about continuing activities in the Bachelor’s-Master’s programme: lectures and a research group fair present the structure and contents of mandatory elective modules and the subsequent specialisations at Master’s level; small groups help with preparing an examination plan.

Current programme

WOrT 2018 will take place on 14 and 17 May 2018.

The programme regularly includes

  • a lecture on the options and the student’s concomitant responsibility for her/his own study programme (on the first day)
  • a presentation of specialisation options by the research groups; see also this page for an overview (In this context, please note the programme planning on the first and second days, where you can find the preliminary planning for the coming semesters in the section on “Programme planning and review”)
  • Wednesday: support from professors, academic staff and experienced students in drawing up individual examination plans (on the second day)

The programme in recent years: