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For potential students

If you are looking to study mathematics, TU Darmstadt is the right place for you. We offer you a broad range of subjects, diverse focus areas, a unique mentoring strategy and excellent training in mathematics that will deliver all the skills you need to embark on your professional life.

For international students

On these pages you will find all the important information you need when you first arrive in Darmstadt. And we will show you why studying abroad at TU Darmstadt is right for you – irrespective of whether you want to take part in an exchange programme or study for a Master’s in Mathematics.


For new students

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics! On the following pages we have put together all the things you need to know to ensure a trouble-free start at our university. From choosing subsidiaries via TUCaN to OWO, it is all here. And if you do have any questions, just get in touch. We’ll be pleased to help!

For students

Even once you have started at university, questions always arise, so on the following pages, we have collated the key information on electives, study abroad, courses and much, much more. This should help smooth your path through your entire course of study.