Information für Studieninteressierte

Information for Potential Students

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at TU Darmstadt! We are delighted that you are interested in taking one of our courses in mathematics: you will not only acquire the relevant specialist knowledge in seven different mathematical disciplines, but also crucial skills in areas like analytical competence, structural thinking and problem solving – which means all the skills you need to embark on your professional life. In the following, we tell you all about our department, our broad range of subjects, our unique mentoring strategy and much, much more.


The “Studitreff” gives potential students the opportunity to meet up with people already studying maths. Since February 8th, 2019, TU maths students are available to answer your questions on every other Friday (on the even calendar weeks) from 3:30-5pm in room 347 of building S2|15, Schlossgartenstr. 7. Everyone interested is welcome.