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What our students say

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This great video, made by Denis Kirpicev, a student in our department, came second in TU Darmstadt’s video competition “Abgedreht”. Take a look for a brief media impression of what studying here is all about!


‘Studying in the Maths Building reminded me that it’s the internal values that count in life. You wouldn’t think so from outside, but the Maths Building is full of friendly, helpful and, above all, fun people who make studying all the more enjoyable.’

- Janine Piesold, B.Sc. in Mathematics

‘Good mentoring, strong Departmental Students’ Committee, friendly culture’

- Peter Fürstenau, teaching degree and M.Sc. in Mathematics

‘What matters to me is the great mentoring in support classes and consultation sessions, and the active Departmental Students’ Committee as well as the activities like theatre and Maths Choir. I particularly like the fact that you get together with students in different semesters and don’t just stay in your own year group.’

- Franziska Schäffer, B.Sc. in Mathematics

‘Our department has a very special atmosphere of helpfulness and openness. The students are always keen to help each other and face the challenges of the course together. That’s why they like coming here every single day.’

- Jerome Alex, doctoral student

‘I think it’s super that there are so many extracurricular activities on offer, like choir and theatre, and that we are really encouraged to work together in the teaching modules.’

- Tabea Roßwinkel, B.Sc. in Mathematics

‘What sets it apart, in my opinion, is the intensive mentoring in small groups right from the word go. It even begins before the course with the OWO [Orientation Week, ed. note], and then once it has begun, I would single out the mentoring strategy in small groups and the fact that the lecturers and other academic staff are so approachable. While I was studying I always had the feeling that I wasn’t just “any old student” but that everybody was working for my success.’

- Johannes Becker, M.Sc. in Mathematics

Online Self-Assessment

Online Self-Assessment (OSA) is a good port of call for those interested in studying in the department. Here you will not only discover interesting information about living and studying in Darmstadt, you can also take a test to assess whether studying mathematics at TU Darmstadt is the right thing for you.

We particularly would like to draw your attention to the videos about „Mathematik studieren? – Want to study mathematics?“. This is where students in our department describe their personal experience and impressions of living in Darmstadt and studying in the department and at the university.