Information about Corona

Information: What effects does Corona have on the study

Dear students,

We hope that all is well with you and those close to you.

We understand that you may be unsettled by the latest developments, and the decisions that the university has had to make.

We will try to find solutions in cases of hardship. The office of student affairs and the study coordinator are available to answer your questions. Please be aware, however, that given the reduced presence due to home office, your messages may take longer than usual to be answered.

We are currently experiencing times in which the rules, habits and rights that were considered indispensable just a few weeks ago may no longer apply, and information quickly becomes outdated. Therefore, please inform yourself regularly on the homepage of the TU Darmstadt and be sure to read your emails!

All courses planned for the summer semester take place, all digitally. This “from zero to one hundred” eLearning is a great challenge for all of us. Probably not everything will work as intended, especially if network capacities are not sufficient. And certainly even a very good eLearning lecture cannot replace personal contact between teachers and students. We therefore ask for your understanding and patience.

We have summarized information for you on this page (as of May 22nd, 2020)

Offfice for Student Affairs

Access to University Bulidings

Review of Exams

Postpones Written Exams

Oral Examinations


Face-to-face Events

Registration of Final Theses

Submission of Final Theses

Final Certificate