Studying abroad

On May 8th, the consulation hour ends on 10am.

  • 2019/03/18

    Infoveranstaltung „Studieren im Ausland“

    Am 17. Juni findet von 16:00 Uhr bis 17:30 Uhr die Infoveranstaltung zum Thema „Studieren im Ausland“ statt. Die Infoveranstaltung richtet sich an alle Studierenden, die sich für ein Auslandssemester im akademischen Jahr 2020/21 interessieren.



If you are a student at TU Darmstadt and would like to spend a semester abroad or pursue a double degree programme you will find all the most important information under Outgoing in the navigation bar. If you have any questions, please contact the International Coordination Team.


If you are studying abroad and would be interested in spending a semester or an academic year in Darmstadt, you will find the most important information here:

Information for incoming students

TU Darmstadt International Office

Teaching Modules

For students from abroad who would like to take the Master’s Course in Mathematics we have prepared a dedicated overview page.

International Coordination Team

Malte Brandy

• academic guidance and advice for exchange students; contact via

• recognition of qualifications/credits gained abroad

• maintenance of “Studying” section of departmental website

Nathalie Brandenburger

• mentoring programme: M.Sc. in Mathematics

• organisational support for international students taking an M.Sc. in Mathematics

• public relations, social media

• maintenance of “Studying” section of departmental website