Incomer Information

Information for incoming students

With its wide range of subjects, its unique mentoring strategy and its international focus, the Department of Mathematics at TU Darmstadt is one of the best departments of mathematics in Germany. Seven research groups on optimisation, stochastics, logic, algebra, analysis, numerical analysis and geometry as well as diverse graduate programmes offer a broad curriculum of courses.

Although we do offer some courses in English, most are taught in German, so good German language skills are recommended.

We welcome students from abroad who would like to spend a semester or a whole year studying in our department.

As of the winter semester 2018/19, moreover, an M.Sc. in Mathematics will be offered entirely in English.

General information

On the TU Darmstadt International website you will find useful information on topics like visas, accommodation, official paperwork etc. You can find information on when courses begin and end here.

Teaching modules in mathematics

You will find the current prospectus on TUCaN, together with the courses that were offered in the last two semesters. Pre-planning for future semesters can already be found here.

WS means winter semester, SS means summer semester. The figures 4+2 indicate the number of hours per week of the semester (SWS, 1 SWS = 45 minutes) – in this case, 4 SWS of lectures plus 2 SWS of support classes. To calculate your ECTS points, multiply the SWS by 1.5 (e.g., 6 SWS x 1.5 = 9 ECTS). Please note that seminars with 2 SWS count as 5 ECTS.

Examinations and ECTS

The kind of exams you have to take may vary according to module. To find out more, please read the guides to the modules or ask your lecturers. You will register for examinations via TUCaN. If you have any questions please contact the Office for Student Affairs (Studienbüro) which also issues transcripts of records.

If you have never taken an oral examination the best way of familiarising yourself with this type of test is to sit in on an oral examination. Neither examiners nor examinees usually have a problem with this. Another option is to do a trial oral with one of your professor’s assistants. Please also discuss this with the International Coordinator.

Living in Darmstadt

Finding accommodation in Darmstadt and environs can prove difficult because demand usually outstrips supply. However, here are some suggestions that should help to make your search easier:

Darmstadt Student Affairs (Studierendenwerk) can organise a place for you in one of its many student residences. The number of rooms is, however, limited and you will have to join a waiting list.

• The Darmstädter Echo (vrm) is the local newspaper; particularly in the Saturday edition, both print and online, you will find a lot of rental properties.

• The majority of students probably find accommodation via the WG-Gesucht website.

If you need help, just contact us!

Additional information

If you need any further information, contact our International Coordination Team.

M.Sc. in Mathematics

The information provided above also applies to international students who have opted for the English-language M.Sc. in Mathematics.

If you have any questions about the course, please address them to Cornelia Seeberg. For issues relating to the mentoring programme or other general questions you are welcome to contact the International Coordination Team.