Master-Studiengang Mathematik

Master’s Programme in Mathematics

Our Master’s programme in mathematics builds on the abilities, methods and knowledge you can be expected to have acquired during a six-semester Bachelor’s programme in mathematics at a university like TU Darmstadt. The programme will enable you to use and develop mathematics in both your job and society independently, scientifically and responsibly. We also focus on preparing you for scientific work of your own.

The Master’s programme is also composed of various subjects. In addition to mathematics and business mathematics which continue the subjects taught on the Bachelor’s programme, there is an interdisciplinary option involving a non-mathematical specialisation which allows you to focus more on a subsidiary subject. As of the winter semester 2018/19, we will also be offering an M.Sc. in Mathematics entirely in in English.

Visit Teaching Modules for details on the range of courses in the coming semesters.

You will find information on our Master’s programme in the Informationen der Zentralen Studienberatung from which the linked overviews of study programmes are taken.

Mathematics (German)

Interdisciplinary Mathematics

Business Mathematics

Choosing and Changing Subjects

For all the important material, such as the University Regulations applying to this course, visit the download area.