Standard Teaching Services

Small-group support classes are offered in connection with all the lectures. Here, work can be done together, or assignments can be discussed. In addition, all lecturers, assistants and support group leaders offer appointments.

Offers in the Winter Semester Offers in the Summer Semester Responsible for the Pool
Mathematik I f. BI (4+2) Mathematik II f. BI (4+2) Prof. Wollner
Mathematik III f. BI (3+2)   Prof. Wollner
Mathematik I f. ET (4+2) Mathematik II f. ET (4+2) Prof. Bothe
Mathematik III f. ET (4+2) Mathematik IV f. ET = Mathematik III f. Inf (4+2) Prof. Bothe
Mathe I f. Inf (4+2) Mathe II f. Inf (4+2) Prof. Kohlenbach
Automaten, formale Sprachen und Entscheidbarkeit (2+1) Aussagenlogik und Prädikatenlogik (2+1) Prof. Otto
Mathematik I f. MB (4+2) Mathematik II f. MB (4+2) Prof. Lang
Mathematik III f. MB (2+2) Numer. Methoden f. MB (2+2) Prof. Lang
Höhere Mathematik I (3+2) Höhere Mathematik II (2+1) Prof. Pfetsch
Dar. Geo. f. BI. (2+1+1)   Prof. Große-Brauckmann
  Diff.-geo. f. Geodäsie (1+1) Prof. Reif
Mathematik f. Chem. (4+2)   Prof. Streicher
Statistik I für Hum. (Forschungsmethoden I) (2+1+2)   Prof. Kohler
Math.u.Statistik für Bio (2+1+2)   Prof. Betz
Statistik I für WInf u. WI (2+1)   Prof. Aurzada
Lineare Algebra I f. Ph. (2+1) Lineare Algebra II f. Ph (2+1) Prof. Bruinier
  Elem. PDGL klassisch f. CE (2+2) Prof. Ulbrich

Additional information and contacts

  • You will find a description of the modules offered by standard teaching services in the download area.
  • For more information on the current offers in the ongoing semester, please consult the prospectus on TUCaN.
  • The contacts, for example to the respective Vice Chairperson for Academic Affairs in the respective department, are

Special support measures

In addition to our standard teaching services we also offer a number of special support measures:

  • From Monday to Friday (during the semester) you can approach the Mathematics Learning Centre where you can ask questions about assignments or mathematics in general.
  • Before the study programme begins, we offer a tailor-made School mathematics revision course, the Mathematikvorkurs (only available in German) for many different departments.
  • The Mathematics Meeting Point is offered as a supplement to some of the major service modules. This is where additional mathematical problems are solved, preferably with reference to subject-related topics.