You can find our courses in the electronic course prospectus on the campus management system TUCaN.

Via TUCaN you can also register for the respective modules, lectures and seminars as well as examinations.

Teaching material & Moodle

To disseminate teaching material the department uses the learning platform Moodle. It is linked to TUCaN so you automatically register for the Moodle course when you register for TUCaN.

If you have any problems with Moodle, the Moodle Team at HRZ will be pleased to help.

The department’s course planning and review

Winter semester 2020/21
Summer semester 2021
Winter semester 2019/20
(planning, as of 24 September 2019)
Summer semester 2020
(planning, as of 15 July 2019)
Winter semester 2018/19
(planning, as of 20 June 2018)
Summer semester 2019
(planning, as of 26 April 2018)
Winter semester 2017/18 Summer semester 2018
Winter semester 2016/17 Summer semester 2017
Winter semester 2015/16 Summer semester 2016
Winter semester 2014/15 Summer semester 2015
Academic year 2013/14
Academic year 2012/13
Academic year 2011/12
Academic year 2010/11

Lecture planning in the coming semesters by the research groups

Teaching services provided by the Department of Mathematics

In nearly all disciplines taught at TU Darmstadt, aspects of mathematics are mandatory in the Bachelor’s study programmes. This service is provided exclusively by the Department of Mathematics. In total, teaching services (lectures + support classes) account for 45+31 hours per week of the semester (SWS) in the Winter Semester and 35+26 SWS in the Summer Semester.

Click here for the department’s teaching services.