Our Study Programmes

At TU Darmstadt we offer an exceptionally wide range of programmes for mathematics students. Apart from our consecutive Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, you can also choose between two teaching degree programmes (for Grammar School and vocational education) in combination with another subject. Here we offer you a broad spectrum of theoretical and applied mathematics in the context of seven research groups.

Our department consciously promotes teaching with an international, interdisciplinary focus to ensure you have the best possible prospects for your later career. You can, for instance, elect to do your Bachelor’s in two languages, completing part of your programme in English. Early exposure to English as the language of science and learning how to use it in your own field is an invaluable skill for mathematicians.

With our raft of subsidiary subjects, we encourage you to see the broader picture. You can basically select any subsidiary you like from TU Darmstadt’s entire portfolio of subjects. Some of the most popular subsidiaries are physics and computer science, although engineering and natural sciences are also frequently chosen. However, you can also go for one of the more ‘exotic’ subsidiaries in the humanities or social sciences if you prefer.

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