Mathematical Research in Darmstadt

Our department consists of eight working groups, each of which covers a certain area of mathematics. On this page, you find a concise overview over the groups. A click on the headline of each group brings you to their respective home page.



Bruinier, Hofmann, Kümmerer, Li, von Pippich, Richarz, Scheithauer, Wedhorn.
Research topics include algebraic geometry, number theory, automorphic forms, vertex algebras.



Alber, Bothe, Farwig, Hieber, Roch.
Research topics include partial differential equations, functional analysis, harmonic analysis, evolution equations, fluid dynamics, reaction diffusion systems.



Bruder, Kümmerer.
Research topics include didactics of mathematics, quantum probability theory.


Geometry and Approximation

Große-Brauckmann, Mäder-Baumdicker, Reif.
Research topics include spline surfaces, subdivision surfaces, surface theory, geometric variational pro-
blems, Riemannian geometry.



Kohlenbach, Otto, Streicher.
Research topics include proof theory, reconstruction theory, finite and algorithmic model theory, comple-
xity theory.


Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing

Egger, Erath, Giesselmann, Kiehl, Lang.
Research topics include numerical solutions of differential equations, uncertainty quantification, model reduction, reactive flows, optimal control of networks.



Disser, Pfetsch, Schwartz, Ulbrich, Wollner.
Research topics include discrete and combinatorial optimization, nonlinear optimization, optimization with partial differential equations, online optimization, equilibrium problems, mixed integer-nonlinear optimization, optimization under uncertainty, optimization in machine learning.


Probability and Statistics

Aurzada, Betz, Kohler.
Research topics include statistical mechanics, persis-
tence probabilities, Levy processes, condensation, non-parametric statistics.