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Jan Becker


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64293 Darmstadt

SPP 1962 – Project P21: Multi-Leader-Follower Games in Function Space

This project aims to design efficient and problem tailored numerical solution methods for certain classes of multi-leader-follower games (MLFGs) in function space accompanied by the theoretical analysis of these problems. While in a classical Nash equilibrium problem (NEP) we have several players that simultaneously make a decision which influences their own outcome and that of the others, in a multi-leader-follower game (MLFG) the group of players is split into the so-called leaders deciding first and followers reacting to this. This hierarchical game has various applications in finite spaces e.g. in telecommunications, traffic networks and electricity markets. In infinite dimensions possible applications can be found for instance in the area of autonomous vehicles, the pursuit problem or the multi-obstacle problem.

Member of the Graduate School of Excellence Computational Engineering at TU Darmstadt funded by the DFG in the framework of the Excellence Initiative