Thomas Kugler

Thomas Kugler M.Sc.

Dolivostraße 15
64293 Darmstadt

Office: S4|10 104

+49 6151 16-23171
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Wave propagation on networks; Hybrid mixed FEM; Asymptotic analysis
H. Egger, T. Kugler, and W. Wollner.
Numerical optimal control of instationary gas transport with control and state constraints.
TU Darmstadt, 11/2017. trr154-214.
H. Egger and T. Kugler.
Uniform exponential stability of Galerkin approximations for damped wave systems.
TU Darmstadt, 11/2015. arXive:1511.08341
H. Egger and T. Kugler.
An asymptotic preserving mixed finite element method for wave propagation in pipelines.
Proceedings of HYP 2016.
H. Egger and T. Kugler.
Damped wave systems on networks: Exponential stability and uniform approximations.
Numer. Math. 2017.
H. Egger, T. Kugler, and N. Strogies.
Parameter identification in a semilinear hyperbolic system.
Inverse Problems, 2017.
H. Egger, T. Kugler, B. Liljegren-Sailer, N. Marheineke, and V. Mehrmann.
On structure-preserving model reduction for damped wave propagation in transport networks.
SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 2018. erfahren