Sebastian Bechtel

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fax +49 6151 16-21483

Work S2|15 313
Schlossgartenstraße 7
64289 Darmstadt

Journal articles


  • Kato's square root property
  • Interpolation theory
  • Operator theory, spectral theory, and functional calculus
  • Rough geometry below the Lipschitz class
  • Elliptic and parabolic differential operators in divergence form
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Non-autonomous maximal regularity
When? Where? Kind? Topic?
07.07.2020 Analysis seminar at TU Delft (via Zoom) invited talk Function spaces and interpolation theory under minimal geometric assumptions and with mixed boundary conditions
17.01.2020 Function spaces seminar in Jena invited talk Interpolation theory for Sobolev functions with partially vanishing trace on irregular open sets
29.10.2019 Evolution Equations: Applied and Abstract Perspectives, CIRM 2071, Luminy invited talk The Kato square root problem on locally uniform domains
08.05.2019 Parabolic Equations, Harmonic Analysis and Spectral Theory, Bad Herrenalb invited talk The Kato square root problem on irregular open sets
09.08.2018 TUHH Hamburg invited talk A Glimpse on Interpolation Theory and Interpolation with (Mixed) Boundary Conditions
01.07.2018 21st International Internet Seminar, Wuppertal seminar talk The Hieber-Prüss Theorem
06.06.2018 “What is…?”-Seminar, Darmstadt seminar talk Markov Semigroup
01.02.2018 WIAS Berlin contributed talk On the Constant of Maximal Regularity
22.07.2017 20th International Internet Seminar, Baronissi seminar talk A Hille-Yosida Theorem for Bi-Continuous Semigroups
When? Where? What?
07.07.2020 TU Delft (Zoom) talk
16.01.2020 Universität Jena talk
28.10.-01.11.2019 CIRM Luminy conference
23.09.-27.09.2019 CIRM Luminy workshop
06.05.-10.05.2019 Bad Herrenalb conference
25.03.-29.03.2019 Université Paris-Sud research stay
08.10.-09.10.2018 WIAS Berlin research stay
09.08.-10.08.2018 TUHH Hamburg talk
09.02.-23.02.2018 Université Paris-Sud research stay
26.01.-02.02.2018 WIAS Berlin research stay + talk

PhD thesis

On mixed boundary conditions, function spaces, and Kato’s square root property, TU Darmstadt, 2021.

Defense: 24. June 2021. Write me an email in case you want to join the defense via Zoom.

Master's thesis

The Kato Square Root Property for Mixed Boundary Conditions, TU Darmstadt, 2017.

Bachelor's thesis

Elementare Beweise der F. und M. Riesz Theoreme mit Anwendungen, TU Darmstadt, 2016.

What? Teacher? Job? When?
Harmonic Analysis Prof. Bothe Assistant Winter 20/21
Analysis III Prof. Farwig and Prof. Roch Assistant Winter 19/20
Parabolic differential equations Prof. Stinner Assistant Winter 19/20
Banachalgebren und numerische Analysis Prof. Roch Assistant Summer 2018
Integrationstheorie apl. Prof. Haller-Dintelmann Exercise session Summer 2017
Funktionalanalysis Prof. Farwig Exercise session Winter 16/17
Introduction to Mathematical Logic Prof. Kohlenbach Exercise session Winter 15/16
Formale Grundlagen der Informatik Prof. Otto Exercise session Summer 15
Mathematik 1 für Informatiker Prof. Streicher Exercise session Winter 14/15
Formale Grundlagen der Informatik Prof. Kohlenbach Exercise session Summer 14
Grundlagen der Informatik 1 Prof. Fischlin Exercise session Winter 13/14

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My favorite football (for the American: soccer) is SV Darmstadt 98. Currently, they play in the Bundesliga 2, the second division of professional football in Germany.