Paul Kiefer

I am a research assistant of the Algebra group and a LOEWE-PhD student of Prof. Dr. Jan Hendrik Bruinier.

Research Interests

  • Modular forms
  • Eisenstein series of singular weight
  • Boundary components of orthogonal Shimura varieties


Term Course Lecturer
Winter 2018/19 Proseminar: p-adische Analysis Prof. Bruinier
Summer 2017/18 Mathematik III (für ET) Dr. habil. Schmidt
Summer 2017/18 Mathematik und Statistik für Biologen Dr. Wichelhaus

Conferences and Workshops

Event Date Location
Women in Automorphic Forms 05.–07.09.2018 Darmstadt, Germany
Modular forms and beyond 21.–25.05.2018 Saint Petersburg, Russia
Winterseminar 2018 18.–24.02.2018 Manigod, France
Opening colloquium of the LOEWE research unit 02.02.2018 Darmstadt, Germany