I am a research assistant of the Algebra group and a LOEWE-PhD student of Prof. Dr. Jan Hendrik Bruinier.

Research Interests

  • Modular forms
  • Eisenstein series of singular weight
  • Boundary components of orthogonal Shimura varieties


Term Course Lecturer
Summer 2021 Seminar: Zetafunktionen und quadratische Zahlkörper Prof. Bruinier
Winter 2020/21 Modulformen Prof. Bruinier
Summer 2020 Seminar: Borcherdsprodukte Prof. Bruinier
Winter 2019/20 Proseminar: Einführung in die Zahlentheorie Prof. Bruinier
Winter 2018/19 Proseminar: p-adische Analysis Prof. Bruinier
Winter 2017/18 Mathematik III (für ET) Dr. habil. Schmidt
Winter 2017/18 Mathematik und Statistik für Biologen Dr. Wichelhaus

Conferences and Workshops

Event Date Location
Moduli Spaces and Modular Forms 31.01.-06.02.2021 Oberwolfach, Germany
Winterseminar 2020 08.03.-14.03.2020 Manigod, France
Modular Forms 15.12.-21.12.2019 Oberwolfach, Germany
Summer School on L2-Torsion and Symmetric Spaces 30.09.-04.10.2019 Göttingen, Germany
Modular Forms on Higher Rank Groups 17.09.-20.09.2019 Darmstadt, Germany
Winterseminar 2019 17.02.-23.02.2019 Manigod, France
Winter School on Enumerative Geometry and Modular Forms 11.02.-15.02.2019 Frankfurt, Germany
Women in Automorphic Forms 05.09.-07.09.2018 Darmstadt, Germany
Modular forms and beyond 21.05.-25.05.2018 Saint Petersburg, Russia
Winterseminar 2018 18.02.-24.02.2018 Manigod, France
Opening colloquium of the LOEWE research unit 02.02.2018 Darmstadt, Germany