Michalis Neururer

Dr. Michalis Neururer

Research interests

  • Modular forms, automorphic forms
  • L-functions
  • Eisenstein series and their products


Current activities

Together with Prof. Bruinier and Prof. Li I am organising the workshop Modular Forms on Higher Rank Groups

In the summer semester 2019 I taught the course L-functions and applications together with Jolanta Marzec. The lecture notes are available here. The course contained extra material such as “cheat sheets” to help the students learn the required material in algebraic number theory quickly, exercise sheets, and also SageMath worksheets.


  • M. Neururer, T. Oliver, Two converse theorems for Maass forms
  • Y. Li, M. Neururer, A magnetic modular form.
    • To appear in International Journal of Number Theory, Preprint
  • F. Brunault, M. Neururer, Fourier expansions at cusps.
    • To appear in Ramanujan Journal, Preprint. For an alternative proof of a Theorem of Shimura that we use, see this note.
  • F. Brunault, M. Neururer, Mahler measures of elliptic modular surfaces.
    • To appear in Transactions of the AMS, Preprint.
  • M. Dickson, M. Neururer, Spaces generated by products of Eisenstein series.
    • Journal of Number Theory, Link.
  • N. Diamantis, M. Neururer, F. Strömberg, A correspondence of modular forms and applications to values of L-series.
    • Research in Number Theory, 1 (2015), 1-12, Link.
  • M. Neururer, Eichler cohomology in general weights using spectral theory.
    • Ramanujan Journal, Link.


  • Sage class for calculations with Siegel units and Eisenstein symbols: Link.
  • Sage program for calculating Fourier expansions of modular forms at cusps: Link.

Curriculum Vitae

Last updated on 13.09.2019: CV


Summer semester 2019: Lecturer of the course L-functions and applications.

Winter semester 2018/19: Assistant for the course “Darstellende Geometrie” by Prof. Große-Brauckmann.

Summer semester 2018: Assistant for the course “Lineare Algebra II for physicists” by Prof. Bruinier.

Winter semester 2017/18: Assistant for the course “Darstellende Geometrie” by Prof. Schmidt.

Summer semester 2016: Assistant for the course “Lineare Algebra II” by Prof. Bruinier.

Winter semester 2015/16: Assistant for the course “Darstellende Geometrie” by Prof. Reif.

Seminar Modular forms and elliptic curves

Summer semester 18